SecurityToday 11.4.15
Products by Designed Security, Inc.
  • Optical Turnstiles

    ES831 bi-directional optical turnstiles with hands-free barrier arms enhance the security of access control systems. The ES831 provides a visual as well as a psychological barrier while communicating to pedestrians that authorization is required to gain access to a facility or area. Where... Read More
  • Door Alarms

    The ES411 series provides a unique solution to the common security problem of doors being propped or held open. Used as a standalone product or tied to any access control system, these devices encourage users to keep secured doors closed while reducing the number of false alarms for the security... Read More
  • Pushbuttons/Key Switches

    The ES440 series consist of button control devices for use in access control applications such as emergency exits, lock release, and request to exit applications. These units are complementary to most access control systems and may be used as a stand-alone device. "PUSH TO EXIT", "HANDICAP",... Read More