Rack Mount Line Array Speakers Brin Seamless Audio Integration to Multimedia Devices

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Multimedia equipment options come in all shapes, sizes, and configurations to meet an infinite variety of needs. That abundance of gadgetry, along with customized support furniture and accessories, can overwhelm purchasers – and their budgets. It’s refreshing in this environment of extreme specificity to find products that have the versatility to work with many different applications. By keeping it universal, these adaptable products enhance the technologies they support and maintain their value as devices evolve.

AmpliVox Sound Systems follows that philosophy with its Rack Mount Line Array Speakers (S/SS/SW1234 and SSB/SWB1240). Built in the US, these compact speaker systems are specifically designed to be easily compatible with video equipment and other interactive devices, integrating top-quality sound amplification with seamless application.

With its efficient size and convenient mounting options, the Rack Mount Line Array Speaker has been adopted by a number of multimedia equipment manufacturers as their preferred audio accessory. The following case studies detail the successful integration of the Rack Mount Line Array to specific tech applications.


·          User-Friendly Design Adds Sound to Marvel Group Presentation Furniture

The Marvel Group, a manufacturer of versatile office and education furniture, wanted to offer integrated, rack-mounted sound equipment with its Vizion line of presentation furniture. Marvel approached AmpliVox about adapting the Rack Mount Line Array Speaker to fit a variety of furniture options, with a focus on making the equipment easy for users to access and adjust. AmpliVox met the challenge by developing the innovative Duo Tandem Line Array , a two-piece configuration that places the controls for the sound system conveniently at the presenter’s fingertips while the speaker directs sound toward the audience.

In this unique design, the enclosed Duo Tandem system includes separate speaker and amplifier modules, with the speaker unit facing toward the audience and the amp’s control panel facing toward the presenter. Installed in Marvel products including the Benchmark Four-Shelf Presentation Cart, the Mobile Multimedia Cart, the Multimedia Lectern, and more, the Duo Tandem Line Array makes it easy for the presenter to see and operate the amplifier’s controls in action. The system is available with AmpiVox’s 16-channel UHR wireless receiver for perfect sound clarity without interference from competing frequencies.

The Duo Tandem Line Array has also been used to great effect with the Presenter’s Assistant for Learning (PAL) multimedia cart from Bretford Manufacturing. This mobile cart, equipped with the Duo Tandem system, was selected by IT solution provider Emtec, Inc. during a major technology upgrade for the Duval County Public School District in Jacksonville, Florida (the 19 th largest school district in the nation).


·          Teleconferencing Sounds as Good as it Looks with AmpliVox Line Array Speakers

AVTEQ, Inc. manufacturers high-end media support furniture for teleconferencing equipment, used in settings ranging from intimate conference rooms to massive lecture halls. AVTEQ chose to AmpliVox Rack Mount Line Array Speakers to provide the perfect audio complement to the advanced video technology used by customers.

The universal rack mount design of AmpliVox’s system made it a natural choice to complement AVTEQ’s furniture. It was made available with a number of AVTEQ products, including the RPS line of LCD/Plasma carts.

“AVTEQ was very happy to find a true rack mounted speaker solution in a 2RU form,” commented Aaron Rubner, AVTEQ Director of Sales. “The AmpliVox Line Array performs perfectly in the videoconferencing cart solutions we offer. This will continue to allow our dealer base to provide their customers with a complete solution.”


·          Versatile Installation Options Add to Line Array Sound to Interactive Whiteboards

Interactive whiteboards are another common presentation tool that can be enhanced with AmpliVox’s Line Array Speaker. With its compact size and ability to be mounted horizontally or vertically, the Line Array fits seamlessly with a variety of whiteboard products. Whiteboard manufacturer MasterVision offered AmpliVox Line Arrays in a paired, vertical configuration to its wall-mounted products, while Bretford Manufacturing added a horizontally-mounted Line Array atop its EXPLORE line of interactive whiteboard carts.


These are just a few examples of the function and utility offered by AmpliVox’s Line Array Soundbar systems. Forward-thinking design and a focus on adaptability make it an easy audio-equipment choice for furniture manufacturers, dealers, and customers. Engineered and manufactured to achieve outstanding performance, these speakers greatly enhance the effectiveness of presentations systems in classrooms, offices, media rooms, and event venues.

About the Author: Don Roth is CEO of AmpliVox Sound Systems, a designer, manufacturer, and distributor of top-quality sound systems, lecterns, and other presentation equipment. To learn more about the variety of AmpliVox products available for restaurant and hospitality settings, visit www.ampli.com.  


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