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160 Murray Street, P.O. BOX 60650
Rochester, NY 14606-1151

About Campus Crafts, Inc.

For protection around the clock, indoors or out, Campus Crafts Inc. manufactures convex and dome safety/security mirror for you special needs.

Products by Campus Crafts, Inc.

By Campus Crafts, Inc.

The Sentinel convex mirror line is manufatured from the finest materials available to offer years of dependable service and satisfaction. These mirrors, made of Grade A optical glass or shatterproof acrylic, provide a 160 degree view, and are available in both round and rectangle shapes.... Read more »

By Campus Crafts, Inc.

Outdoor models have a specially weather sealed backing, hanging hardware, and a heavy duty sealed EDPM rubber molding. Threaded mounting bolts are furnished on the backside of the mirror for attachment to your braces. These are needed for high wind conditions. Acrylic mirrors are normally... Read more »

By Campus Crafts, Inc.

The Dome 360 Acrylic Safety and Security Mirror permits 360 degrees of vision at all times. Ideal for 4-way intersections, the Dome 360 is shaped like a basketball cut in half. It comes complete with hanging chains. Read more »

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