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  • Continuous Power Bridge

    Solis Energy's Continuous Power Bridge is an ideal solution to bridge the daytime power gap caused by an intermittent power source or during times when your existing power source is unavailable. Perfect for gang-switched street lights that do not have power during the day. Designed to fit... Read More
  • Dual PoE Splitter/Injector - PSI

    Solis Energy's Dual PoE Splitter/Injector (PSI) allows you to deliver 0-60 volts of DC power to two different outdoor PoE-equipped devices, especially when the devices require different voltages, such as a 48v radio and a 24v camera. Can also be used to separate power from the PoE input for... Read More
  • Outdoor UPS

    Solis Energy's AC>DC UPS is an ideal solution for your short-term, outdoor emergency needs by providing battery back-up power in the event of a brownout, blackout, power dip or surge. Effectively power your equipment via nominal 12/24/48 vDC or regulated 0-60 vDC, Power over Ethernet (POE), or... Read More
  • Power HotSpot

    The Power HotSpotTM by Solis Energy gives you the flexibility to run 12 volt electronics in remote locations, exactly where you need them. All you need is an electronic device with a car power adaptor and the sun and you’re good to go. At work in the field. • Recharge power tools • Charge... Read More
  • Solar Power Plant

    Solis Energy's Solar Power Plant (SPP) delivers immediate, reliable solar generated electricity to your low wattage, remote applications - anytime and anywhere. Effectively power your equipment via direct 12/24/48 vDC or non-typical vDC, Power over Ethernet (POE), or inverter supplied AC.... Read More
  • Streetlight Power Tap

    Solis Energy's LPT 130 Power Tap Adapter provides easy access to AC power by tapping into the electrical circuit used to power outdoor lights. This allows you to quickly attach and run any standard AC application, including: security and surveillance cameras, WiFi and WiMax radios, traffic... Read More
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