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Are you tasked with either building a new sanitary sewer model or updating and managing an existing model? Do you have questions about best practices in the design and implementation of your model? Do you have questions about how the physical parts of the system behave or are represented in a hydraulic model?

Join XP Solutions expert, Adam Rose, P.E., GISP, for the second part in a series of discussions focusing on sanitary sewers. This webinar will focus on World of Wet Weather. You'll learn about the different sources of rainfall derived inflow and infiltration (RDII) and how each of those sources can be modeled using different standard methods. You'll also learn best practices for the different methods so you can be sure your model is built to industry standards.

Date:  Wednesday, May 20
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Did you miss a webinar in this series?  Not a problem.  Click below to watch the first webinar:

This will be the second in a five part series.  Future webinars will also include:

  • Calibration. A discussion of calibration tools and workflows for dry/wet weather calibration. 
  • Pumps.  How to model pumps and storage facilities, and discuss how many pumps actually operate.
  • Data validation and archiving. Tools and workflows to simplify your modeling life. Also a Q&A to catch what we missed in other webinars.

A certificate for a Professional Development Hour will be available to attendees. To receive this certificate you must:

  • Register for the event
  • Attend the event - a password will be given during the presentation
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