Strengthen Your Serial Connectivity Security with the Digi Connect EZ Product Family

Press Release from Digi International, Inc.

In an era of ever-evolving cyber threats, ensuring the security of your network infrastructure is of paramount importance. Yet, many companies still rely on legacy serial devices that are inherently vulnerable to security breaches.


By modernizing your serial connectivity and adopting the Digi Connect® EZ product family, you can fortify your network against potential security threats and protect your valuable data assets.

The Security Risks of Legacy Serial Devices

Legacy serial devices often lack built-in security measures, making them susceptible to various security vulnerabilities. Some common risks associated with outdated serial connectivity include:

  1. Unauthorized access : Legacy serial devices typically lack authentication mechanisms, making it easier for unauthorized individuals to gain access to critical systems and sensitive data.
  2. Data interception : Without encryption capabilities, data transmitted over serial connections can be intercepted, compromising the confidentiality and integrity of the information being transmitted.
  3. Lack of remote security controls : Traditional serial devices are typically not equipped with the necessary security features for remote management and monitoring, exposing them to potential breaches and unauthorized configuration changes.
  4. Absence of firmware updates : Outdated serial devices often do not receive regular firmware updates, leaving them vulnerable to known security vulnerabilities that can be exploited by attackers.

The Security Benefits of Digi Connect EZ

  1. Robust encryption : The Digi Connect EZ product family incorporates SSL/TLS encryption protocols, ensuring secure data transmission over Ethernet or cellular networks. By encrypting data at both ends of the connection, the risk of interception and unauthorized access is significantly reduced.
  2. Advanced authentication : With support for various authentication mechanisms, including username/password, digital certificates, and RADIUS authentication, Digi Connect EZ devices enforce strict access controls, preventing unauthorized individuals from gaining entry to your network.
  3. Firewall protection : Digi Connect EZ devices include built-in firewall capabilities that filter network traffic and prevent unauthorized access attempts. By implementing firewall rules, you can control and limit access to your serial devices, enhancing overall network security.
  4. VPN support : Virtual Private Network (VPN) support allows for secure remote access to your serial devices. By establishing an encrypted tunnel between the remote user and the device server, VPNs ensure secure communication and protect against unauthorized access from external networks. 
  5. Regular firmware updates : Digi International, the manufacturer of Digi Connect EZ, is committed to providing regular firmware updates to address emerging security threats and vulnerabilities. By keeping your device firmware up to date, you can proactively protect your infrastructure against evolving security risks.
  6. Enhanced monitoring and audit trails : Digi Connect EZ devices offer comprehensive monitoring and logging capabilities via Digi Remote Manager, enabling you to track and audit device activity. This allows for the identification of suspicious events or unauthorized access attempts, facilitating timely responses to potential security incidents.


The security of your serial connectivity infrastructure should be a top priority in today's threat landscape. By modernizing your serial connectivity and adopting the Digi Connect EZ product family, you can significantly strengthen your network security.

With robust encryption, advanced authentication mechanisms, firewall protection, VPN support, regular firmware updates, and comprehensive monitoring capabilities, Digi Connect EZ ensures the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your critical data assets. Don't leave your network vulnerable to security threats — make the switch to Digi Connect EZ for a more secure serial connectivity solution.

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