Messoa Technologies Inc.

13611 12th St. , Unit B
Chino, CA 91710

About Messoa Technologies Inc.

“Let’s make the world a safer place.”
A naive statement perhaps, but this is exactly what we strive to do.
Messoa Technologies are at the forefront of Surveillance Technology.We are not re-inventing the industry, simply refining it.In the pursuit of product excellence, Messoa leaves nothing unturned.Strategic alliances with global leaders combined with heavy investment into product research and development, manufacturing performance, engineering superio-
rity and a vigorous hold on global trends all make up the backbone of the Messoa Brand.

Why we are here
- To provide state of the Art surveillance technology to those who take their future seriously
- To offer an E-environment allowing closer and more timely working relationships with our customers through our sophisticated internet system
- To establish direct sales channels enabling Messoa to interface directly with customers and to offer

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