New Telguard HomeControl™ for Self-Contained and Traditional Security Panels Features the Latest in Life Safety and Life Style Solutions

Press Release from Telguard

Las Vegas, NV   – April 10, 2013  – Telguard, a division of Telular Corporation (NASDAQ: WRLS), and a leader in alarm monitoring and interactive services, introduces the Telguard HomeControl interactive solution for self-contained and traditional security panels. Based on the award-winning iControl Networks OpenHome™ software platform , Telguard HomeControl will make its debut on the 2GIG Go!Control wireless control panel at ISC West on April 10, 2013.

Fully embedded into the 2GIG wireless panel, Telguard HomeControl delivers a sleek portal and mobile interface complimentary to the Go!Control's look and feel to provide a seamless user experience. Telguard HomeControl users will have the ability to remotely arm and disarm their security systems, turn on and off lights, access locks, adjust thermostats and watch video, all through a fully integrated solution.

"In keeping with our commitment to delivering high quality, high value products to our dealers, we are excited to partner with Telguard, a long time, experienced leader in life safety solutions," said Duane Paulson, SVP of Product and Market Development, Linear. "With Telguard HomeControl embedded in our 2GIG wireless panel, we are giving our dealers another option for cellular connectivity, life safety, interactive services and life style management, in one user interface."     

Telguard HomeControl goes beyond the basic interactive service of arming and disarming by offering the ability to tie into all the security panel's events, such as motion detectors and door sensor information. 2GIG panels powered by Telguard HomeControl for life safety will be over-the-air upgradeable to life style features, making upselling interactive services much easier after the initial installation.

To further help the dealer's sales process, Telguard HomeControl will be offered with three easy to understand service levels: Connect, Interact and Control.  The Connect plan will provide all life safety signaling and panel uploading. The Interact plan will include full interactive capabilities for the same price as other basic arm and disarm solutions. The Control plan will allow the inclusion of Z-Wave devices. Additionally, dealers can add two-way voice and video to these three base plans.

2GIG's 1.10 release, scheduled for May, will deliver Telguard HomeControl's Connect level of service and two-way voice.  Quickly following, and available for pilots this summer, will be Telguard HomeControl's life style capabilities, interactive services and camera support embodied in the Interact and Control service plans.

"Our Telguard  brand is built on being the leading universal communications solution mainly for  traditional security panels, " said Shawn Welsh, VP of Marketing and Business Development, Telular. "Therefore, with the growth of the self-contained panel market and rich interactive services, we saw an opportunity to launch a solution that combines our over 25 years of experience in life safety and our unique take on life style. Telguard HomeControl allows tight integration with a new category of panels not previously available to our dealers."      

2GIG Go!Control panels with Telguard HomeControl will be available as of Q3 directly through 2GIG and their distributors. Security dealers can activate the service directly with Telguard or with Telguard's participating central station resellers. Telguard HomeControl services are available for the volume price discounts offered to Telguard Advantage Program (TAP) dealers.

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