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About Cohu Electronics

Cohu, Inc., Electronics Division manufactures a wide selection of video cameras and related products. The manufacturer specializes in the practical application of advanced closed-circuit television technology for surveillance and process monitoring.

Frequently cited as a “CCTV Solutions Provider” Cohu is easily distinguished from the competition by its willingness and ability to create products that solve customers’ unique requirements. From board-level electronic design to integrated systems engineering, Cohu delivers high performance solutions.

The company specializes in the development and manufacture of cameras for government, industrial, medical, science, education, and other markets and applications.

Cohu camera systems are installed worldwide in applications ranging from aircraft in-flight safety and entertainment, surveillance systems for high-risk facilities, explosives detection, military target acquisition, border control, perimeter security, and hazardous material handling.

Advanced Imaging:
Electro-optics technology has greatly expanded the role of CCTV in such applications as microbiology, laser research, computer-aided design, radiography, fluoroscopy, machine vision, and image processing.

Intelligent Transportation Systems and Traffic Management: Cohu Electronics is a distinguished leader in the ITS industry with video systems installed in the largest transportation districts throughout North America, and gaining acceptance worldwide. Typical ITS/traffic management applications include general highway surveillance, electronic toll collection verification, traffic responsive timing, wide area detection, and inspection checkpoints.

OEM Manufacturing:
Cohu maintains a full Original Equipment Manufacturer staff to support other equipment manufacturers who incorporate our cameras into larger systems.

Day/night, low-light, or thermal cameras for high-value asset monitoring, perimeter surveillance, and target acquisition. Cohu has been serving the security industry for more than 50 years. Reliability. Service. Quality. Made in the USA

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Products by Cohu Electronics

By Cohu Electronics

Based on the vastly successful and revolutionary 3960 camera positioner, the 3960HD combines the rugged, reliable, and accurate 3960 PTZ positioner with a powerful new high definition camera sensor, H.264 compression and an 18x optical zoom lens. The 3960HD is the best new high definition camera... Read more »

By Cohu Electronics

The Cohu 8800 Series Camera is the ultimate high performance, long-range, surveillance solution.perfect for security and targeting applications. Configurations include a choice of camera type (day/night color or monochrome) and your choice of long-range telephoto lens while standard features... Read more »

By Cohu Electronics

The 6960 Series is a full-spectrum camera site surveillance solution in one integrated package. Select a thermal imager for extreme low light conditions, or environments clouded by haze, rain, smoke, or fog. A second camera is used for precise recognition, identification, or assessment. The... Read more »

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