Protective Structures, Ltd.

49 Bryant Street, Suite G
Jasper, GA 30143

About Protective Structures, Ltd.

Protective Structures Ltd. specializes in providing a wide range of custom-built, bullet-resistant architectural systems, as well as storm shelter & safe room products:

Bullet Resistant Transaction Windows
Transaction Window Accessories
Bullet Resistant Glass & Glazing
Bullet Resistant Fiberglass Panels & Wallboard
Bullet Resistant Doors & Window Systems
Residential & Corporate Safe Rooms
Survival Bunkers
Residential Above Ground Tornado Shelters
Residential Below Ground Tornado Shelters
Community Storm Shelters
FEMA Storm Shelter Doors & Windows

Operating out of our retail storefront and showroom in Jasper, GA, Protective Structures, Ltd. offers a complete turnkey solution including design, fabrication and installation of your bullet resistant enclosure and shelter product.

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Products by Protective Structures, Ltd.

By Protective Structures, Ltd.

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