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Press Release from Keyscan, Inc.

January 2014

With a vision and focus on innovation Keyscan is proud to release Keyscan Aurora, a new generation of Access Control Management Software.

“While Keyscan Aurora is built on the foundation established by its predecessors it also eclipses them,” said Steve Dentinger, Keyscan Director of Sales and Marketing.

“Aurora is a brand new software platform. It is a culmination of over 25 years dedicated to the access control marketplace.”

With a completely rebuilt and redesigned user interface, Aurora creates a new world of possibilities. It also leverages the expanded processing power and capabilities built into Keyscan's most recent line of access control units giving users a host of new and enhanced features. Together, Keyscan’s one-platform hardware and software interface not only supports small and mid-scale installations but now positions Keyscan as a permanent player in the enterprise access control marketplace. Aurora has the power and capability to exceed the demands of large-scale access control deployments.

“Keyscan has a reputation of delivering products that provide innovative features combined with ease of use. Aurora takes this to the next level and delivers a whole new user experience that further entrenches our commitment to innovation and forward thinking,” Steve said.


People Centric

Among the many new and enhanced features of Aurora is the 'People-Centric' methodology for access control system management. This new feature simplifies database creation and maintenance by assigning multiple credentials and permissions to the person. Other features of this approach is the ability to upload and attach multiple photos for easy reference, all within a person's profile. Aurora also provides an unlimited number of optional user-defined fields to record more profile information. Also, with Keyscan Aurora, users can be issued multiple credentials and have up to ten different group access assignments.

“This new people-centric approach simplifies database creation and system maintenance by eliminating multiple user profiles. Now, with Aurora you create a person’s profile for use across a single or multiple sites tying credentials, user-permissions, documents and data to that single profile,” he added.


Enhanced database

With Aurora’s foundation built on a robust database platform, the software is optimized to ensure the highest level of performance and speed. Aurora now comes with a 10GB database limit and also offers and optional module to support full Microsoft SQL Server. The enhanced database option is worth noting because that is what paves the way for Aurora to accommodate an unlimited number of user-definable fields within the software as well as the ability to store multiple photos to be kept within a user’s or visitor’s profile. This capability is quite beneficial should security need to confirm trades-people or contractors who may require access to building facilities; those who may need special building access privileges or users that have special needs such as entry requirements or perhaps those with security clearance documents that may need to be confirmed.


Multi-threaded Communication

Aurora's all new communication structure provides simultaneous communication to all IP nodes. Combined with several other communication structure optimizations, Aurora delivers extremely fast and efficient transfers all of system adds, edits, deletes and other general system changes to Keyscan panels. Whether on small systems or multi-panel enterprise systems and beyond, Aurora’s all new communication service is built to impress. Aurora also enables the full potential of the recently introduced Communications Interlink Module (CIM). This communication module provides true panel-to-panel communication (global communication) for driving all input/output devices, schedule management (time zone) or global lock down capability across all access control panels.


Schedule Management

When discussing some of the software’s other features, Dentinger pointed out Aurora’s redesigned schedule management (time zones) feature.

“It completely changes how you create and manage timed schedules,” he said. “It’s all visual. The drag and drop flexibility provides unmatched ease of use and visual representation that make creation and management of schedules fast and simple.”


Active Mapping

Designed to be visual, the active mapping utility also creates a superb representation of your security system. You’ll have the ability to zoom and navigate throughout 2D or even 3D floor plans. With active device icons placed on your map, it can become a unique central command module for monitoring your entire facility.


Add-On and Optional Licensed Modules

Keyscan Aurora features optional license and add-on modules for enhanced integration and overall system functionality which include web client, active directory, CCTV integration, intrusion alarm integration and many more. Keyscan Aurora Access Control Software offers more options, more features, and more power. Available January 20th, 2014, Aurora may be the most highly anticipated access control management software platform the industry has seen for some time.  


About Keyscan

For over a quarter-century, Keyscan has been equipping businesses, organizations, and institutions with integrated access control systems that regulate and monitor building access. Through the years, Keyscan has held steadfast in its commitment to build premium systems using advanced technology and uncompromising quality. Keyscan manufactures systems that endure the test of time, offering reliable operation you can depend on 365 days a year. And every system is backed with Keyscan's industry renowned technical support. Keyscan systems are sold by its network of dealers and distributors throughout Canada, US, Mexico, Central America, South America, Great Britain, and Europe.

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