HySecurity Anti-Terrorist Vehicle Barrier HydraWedge™ Wins 2nd 2016 Award

Press Release from HySecurity

Government Security News (GSN) announced in June that HySecurity’s HydraWedge SM50 won the “Best Fencing, Gates, & Barriers” award in their Airport, Seaport, & Border program.

See http://gsnmagazine.com/node/46657?c=airport_aviation_security .

The GSN program awards product innovations that defend against “very serious national and international threats in land, sea and air,” says lead judge Chuck Brooks. “It’s an impressive winner’s list of outstanding national and international leaders in new technologies and innovative security solutions in air, land and sea protection.”

HydraWedge SM50 won its first award this year in the Security Industry Association (SIA) New Product Showcase in April. It won in the Outdoor Perimeter Protection category. See SIA Awards at: http://www.iscwest.com/SIANPS/2016-Award-Winners/

HydraWedge SM50 is a next generation anti-terrorist vehicle barrier, unique for its extremely shallow, 9-inch reinforced concrete foundation, real-time perimeter breach reporting, and short, two-day installation. The next HydraWedge SM50s will be installed at a high security financial processing center in the northeast.

“We’re grateful for the industry recognition of this breakthrough product,” says HySecurity Marketing VP Richard Woltjer. “We were convinced that we had a market winner when we introduced HydraWedge SM50 this year. It exceeds almost all competitor wedge specifications including fast cycle time, high cycle capacity for traffic control, real-time breach detection, and UPS battery backup. It’s gratifying that security professionals have come to that conclusion independently.”

See product specification: http://bit.ly/HWSpecPR

HydraWedge SM50 perfectly matches the perimeter protection demands of international airports, ports, borders, government agencies, military, petrochemical, server farms, and utilities.

Get your free HydraWedge SM50 crash test poster while supplies last at: http://bit.ly/HWPosterPR1

HySecurity Gate Inc. ( https://www.hysecurity.com ) designs and manufactures premium and highest-reliability commercial, industrial and high security swing, slide, barrier arm and crash gate operators at their factory in Seattle, Washington. This equipment secures The United Nations, The Pentagon, most U.S. embassies, most U.S. International Airports, petrochemical facilities, utilities, data centers, and high security assets of every type. HySecurity provides access control point design and specification support to end users, specifiers, architects and engineers.

For more information, contact HySecurity at 800-321-9947 or at sales(at)hysecurity(dot)com.

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