Reliance Foundry Expands Asset Protection Bollards Product Line

Press Release from Reliance Foundry Co. Ltd.

Bolt-down bollards are Reliance Foundry's newest solution for creating protective, visual perimeters around valuable equipment and merchandise. They protect both assets and personnel and they feature a versatile architectural style that can be used in almost any environment. Bolt-down bollards can be installed on existing concrete surfaces in a matter of minutes to protect electrical circuit boxes, gas and water meters, factory apparatus or any other equipment that is set in a high traffic area. But that's not all! These versatile bollards can be used in virtually any low-impact, indoor or outdoor application to mark out intended routes or to limit access to restricted areas. 
"The great thing about the new bolt-down bollards is their simplicity," says Brad Done, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Reliance Foundry. "Because they are so easy to install and cost-sensitive, I think these bollards are going to become the standby for many industrial and retail applications."  
Reliance Foundry has released two models of bolt-down bollards. Both are composed of highly durable, schedule 40 steel and can be finished in one of six different-powder coated colors. They feature an 8" x 8" base plate with holes in each corner. Bolts can be set through holes on each corner of the base plate and inserted into concrete anchors to secure the bolt-down bollard. In matter of minutes, a protective perimeter can be created that will warn passers-by of the presence of susceptible equipment or merchandise. Bolt down bollards employ the same installation method as decorative, surface-mounted bollards and create pronounced, low-impact visual perimeters that protect valuable equipment that lies in high-traffic areas.  
As these models do not offer a high level of impact resistance, bolt-down bollards are sometimes called sacrificial bollards. They keep vehicles and machinery at a safe distance - and when accidents happen, they absorb the initial impact. If they are struck or knocked over, they can be repaired or re-installed easily and their economical price means that replacing them won't break the bank. Bolt-down bollards are a cost-effective solution for providing low-impact protection for equipment, merchandise and personnel. They are highly durable, architecturally versatile and can be used in both indoor and outdoor applications.  
"These may be the most multi-functional bollards we offer," says Reliance Foundry's Product Manager, Len Cranmore. "Bolt down bollards can be used both indoors and outdoors for perimeter demarcation or asset protection and, on top of it all, they can be installed by almost anyone."  
Reliance Foundry now stocks two models of bolt down bollards that are available for shipment immediately. Both bolt-down bollards feature the same diameter but their height differs. The model R-7236 bollard is 36" tall, while the model R-7242 bolt-down bollard stands at 42". Bolt-down bollards do not require a professional for installation. They require very little in terms of ongoing maintenance and can be installed by virtually anyone. For technical specifications and to view the new bolt-down bollards please visit the Asset Protection Bollards overview on Reliance Foundry's web site.
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