Reliance Foundry’s Bollards Used in Security Upgrades to Fenway Park

Press Release from Reliance Foundry Co. Ltd.

Reliance Foundry Co. Ltd., North America's premier supplier of bollards, bike racks, and custom castings, is happy to announce that its signature bollard, the model R-7539, was installed in recent upgrades to Boston's Fenway Park. The model R-7539 bollard is a traditionally-styled bollard that is composed of ductile iron and features old-world ornamentation. The bollard's design works well in architectural highlighting applications that enhance historic buildings. It has been used at many high-profile locations across North America to highlight historic architecture and it now adds ornamentation to security posts at the oldest ballpark in use in Major League Baseball. The installation was performed by Lanzillo and Sons Construction during the week of August 19 th , 2013 and the project was overseen by Thomas Barriers Inc.

"Because it can be set over security posts, the model R-7539 bollard is an ideal solution for blending site security with surrounding architecture," said Len Cranmore, Product manager at Reliance Foundry. "It works particularly well with period architecture and it will is effective at tying perimeter security in with the time-honored design of Fenway Park."

Reliance Foundry's model R-7539 bollard features an old-world style that is perfectly suited to early 20 th century architectural motifs. It is composed of high-grade ductile iron and features a spherical cap and a fluted shaft. The model R-7539 is finished with a durable powder-coating to stand up to the rigours of typical North American climates and it delivers an exceptionally long service life.  The bollard can be installed with several different pieces of mounting hardware and its shaft is hollow which allows it to be set over security posts. When installed in this manner, it becomes a device for blending perimeter security into the surrounding landscape and architecture. To perform the installation at Fenway Park, threaded rods were set in the interior concrete of the security pipes. Once the concrete had cured, the bollards were placed over the security pipes and secured to the threaded rods with washers and 1" nuts. Each bollard's cap was then fastened to the shaft with anti-theft set screws. The installed bollards help to disguise the presence of the security pipes while creating an architectural highlight that coincides with site's celebrated architecture. The installation was performed without a hitch and the installers note that model R-78539 bollards have delivered the desired aesthetics.

"The bollards look just as great as we hoped they would," said the president of Thomas Barriers Inc., Elaine Grilli. "Our experience with Reliance Foundry was totally positive and the product quality is excellent. The office personnel were professional and efficient. Delivery was exactly as they had promised. Support on the phone and email was immediate."

Reliance Foundry's ductile bollards are designed to increase safety and security on streetscapes while enhancing their surrounding architecture.  They can be finished with one of six different powder-coated color options and they are relatively easy-to-maintain.  With Reliance Foundry's catalogue of mounting options they can be installed to deliver differing levels of impact resistance for decorative, safety or security applications. Reliance Foundry's model R-7539 bollards prove to be the perfect solution for melding perimeter security with historic architecture at Fenway Park.

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