Too Warm? Too Cold? Too Humid?

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Providing best work climates in a literal sense. Achieve best efficiencies with less headaches due to bad air quality and other factors!


Environmental conditions have a direct impact on the stability, performance and reliability of your team and IT systems. How can your customers ensure the best possible performance in the simplest possible way?

Environmental monitoring is the key to a healthy & safe workspace with optimal conditions for people and technology. It enables you to react to understand changes over tim monitoring fluctuations. It helps you improve energy efficiency and last but not least protects your equipment with dew point and humidity monitoring to avoid corrosion and static discharges.

Last but not least environmental monitoring ensures your customers compliance with regard to the physical security of their IT infrastructure.

With the Kentix Multisensor family, your customers receive powerful devices that continuously monitor temperature, humidity, dew point, air quality, certain gases, air pressure, movement and acceleration/vibration with numerous integrated sensors.

This secures rooms against a variety of physical hazards. Even more: the MultiSensor Ti is a real alternative to the thermal camera. Because with its thermal sensors, it not only detects temperature differences and thermal hot spots. Thanks to integrated gas sensors, it "sniffs out" the slightest changes in air quality and air-gas composition at a very early stage, which can indicate an incipient fire.

This means that the MultiSensor can detect fires hours, even days, in advance. In addition, its very compact design makes it inconspicuous to use anywhere. In addition, the MultiSensor is less expensive than commercially available thermal cameras. There is a lot to discover and a product line that integrates perfectly into IPTECHVIEW our preferred remote monitoring and management platform. Learn more here:



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