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  • Chemical Terrorism Vulnerability Information (CVI) E-Learning Training Program

    This e-learning training program provides an overview of a sensitive, but unclassified designation titled “Chemical-terrorism Vulnerability Information” (CVI). It defines what CVI is, what information is no CVI, who is subject to this regulation, access and disclosure of CVI, safeguarding CVI... Read More
  • Identity Theft Training E-learning Program

    This e-learning course is designed to educate the learner on the risks and threats associated with Identity Theft, Phishing and Social Engineering. This is a 15-minute primer that describes the methods used by an attacker and the prevention techniques that you can use to avoid becoming a victim... Read More
  • Incident Response and Computer Forensics E-Learning Training Program

    This e-learning course will take the security practitioner and investigator through each of the areas of incident response, computer crime investigation and computer forensics, so that they are better prepared to respond to both internal and external attacks. This includes a detailed description... Read More
  • Information Security Awareness E-Learning Training Program

    User Awareness Training is critical to the proper dissemination of an Information Security Policy. The most comprehensive Information Security Policy can be defeated by a single end-user mistake. Organizations today have already invested in computer security technologies such as firewalls and... Read More
  • Information Security Management E-Learning Training Program

    This e-learning training course is designed to help mangers understand the risks associated with the organization’s information infrastructure. It also highlights the importance of an Information Security Policy, including the enforcement of the policy. In addition to identifying security... Read More
  • Internet Safety E-Learning Course (Parents Edition)

    This e-learning course is designed to assist parents in protecting their children from Internet-related threats. This safety course will help the parent to monitor their child’s on-line activities, as well as describing ways to block certain types of content and deploying safe computing practices. Read More
  • Marine training courses online, simulation, blended and competence-based learning and assessment for

    A full range of marine training courses offered online, simulation, blended and competence-based learning and assessment for the maritime industry, using the best resources that technology can offer! We offer both generic and fully customized training. All courses can be accessed using various... Read More
  • Payment Card Information Security E-Learning Training Course

    The protection of credit card information is regulated by the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS). Section 12.6 of the PCI Standard requires us to implement a formal security awareness program to make all employees aware of the importance of cardholder data security. This... Read More
  • Physical Security E-Learning Training Program

    Physical Security refers to the protection of buildings sites, personnel, equipment, information and software contained within from theft, vandalism, natural and man-made disasters and accidental damages. The uncertainties and demands of modern society have transformed the physical security... Read More
  • Red Flag Rule E-Learning Program

    This e-learning course is designed to educate the learner on the risks and threats associated with the Red Flag Rule and addresses all of the topics in the Identity Theft course, in greater detail. Read More
  • Secure Coding Practices E-Learning Program

    The purpose of this e-learning course is to help software developers improve the security of web-based application software. The content of this course is based upon the OWASP guidelines and addresses best coding practices as it relates to the protection against SQL Injection, Cross Site... Read More
  • Security E-Learning Training Series

    An interactive, self-paced, fully customized training program that helps organizations comply with Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) requirements. The series is based on open web standards, SCORM compliance and advanced technical concepts. The primary objective of this education series is... Read More
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