Sierra-Olympic Introduces Cox CX320 Thermography Camera System

Press Release from Sierra Olympic Technologies Inc

July 15, 2015 – Hood River, OR – Sierra-Olympic Technologies introduces the Cox

CX320 Thermography Camera, an uncooled LWIR camera system for machine vision,

process monitoring, and benchtop R&D applications. The CX320 includes an uncooled

384 x 288 sensor with 25 μ m pixels, and radiometric

calibration from -20 º C to +650 º C over two imaging ranges.

The camera has Ethernet data out, and comes complete

with a thermography analysis package for Windows XP/7/8

machines. This combination makes the camera/software

package well suited for benchtop thermographic analysis

applications in education, government, and industry.

The product also has on-board thermography capabilities

with on-screen display of temperature data points output

on its NTSC/PAL analog video signal. One implements a

different camera set-up software tool with communications

to the camera via either RS-485 or Ethernet, and the camera displays temperature

information of up to 10 spots on the analog monitor. Additionally, two regions of interest

(ROIs) can be configured with high/low/mean temperature thresholds, and send

hardware alarms to I/O lines on the camera. This allows the camera to be used for

continuous monitoring applications in industrial applications. When housed against

weather elements, the camera can be used for continuous monitoring of critical

components in power transmission and distribution.

The CX320 cameras can be specified with a variety of lens focal lengths ranging from

8 mm for very wide field-of-view (FOV) applications to 100 mm for narrow FOV, distant

scenes. All lenses are F1.0 for maximum sensitivity.

The new cameras come complete with the specified optic, a power supply and all

cables, plus all software and documentation. The products are available for purchase

online at , with various lens options, on the shelf, for immediate


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