Sierra-Olympic Introduces Rugged, Continuous-Pan, Visible/Thermal Video Surveillance Systems

Press Release from Sierra Olympic Technologies Inc

July 6, 2015 – Hood River, OR – Sierra-Olympic Technologies, supplier of infrared (IR)  and thermal imaging components, cameras, and systems solutions for advanced imaging  applications, introduces The Oculus series by Silent Sentinel, Ltd. The  new environmentally-rugged outdoor video surveillance systems feature  simultaneous visible and thermal imaging outputs. The continuous zoom  optical cameras, available in either standard definition (SD) or high  definition (HD), are paired with fixed field of view (FOV) thermal imagers  to provide full daytime/nighttime video surveillance capabilities. The  system’s pan stage offers 360° continuous rotation; the tilt stage can be  set for one of two modes at -90° viewing and full +90° tilt. The Oculus  systems are compact, durable, efficient, and support industry-standard  interfaces compliant with most security/surveillance system  architectures.  

There are four thermal pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) surveillance video systems in  the Oculus series. All systems can be specified with either HD or SD  visible cameras, and thermal imaging modules with a variety of fixed  FOV optics. Both visible and thermal imagers are enclosed in rugged  pan and tilt casings for 24/7 use in all outdoor environments. The  Oculus Searcher provides the best performance for mid-range,  uncooled imaging applications with a 640 x 480 array format, 12° -  50 mm f1.2 FOV. The Oculus Ranger offers either HD or SD continuous zoom or a highresolution  thermal imager for mid-range applications (640 x 480, 18° - 35 mm f1.2 FOV)  providing man recognition up to 1.4 km. The Oculus Scout is ideal for short-range imaging  applications with 320 x 240, 9° - 35 mm f1.2 FOV. The Oculus Ti employs either 320 x  240, or high resolution 640 x 480 uncooled imaging technologies for man detection up to  2.1 km. The Ti models are offered to allow customers to configure an Oculus system  according to their site requirements.  

Sierra-Olympic offers a wide range of small thermal cameras for online purchase at  To learn more about Silent Sentinel’s Oculus series of rugged outdoor surveillance systems  for day/night imaging, please click here:  

Sierra-Olympic Technologies, Inc. and Silent Sentinel have partnered to provide North  American customers local sales and services support for Oculus and Aeron products. All  cameras and surveillance systems offered for sale online are controlled under Department  of Commerce rules. Extensive safeguards are in place to strictly comply with U.S. export  laws. Pre-qualified and validated customers can order and receive most in-stock cameras  overnight, if desired. To order advanced IR thermal technology cameras and accessories  online, go to:


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