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  • 10 loops linkage fire alarm fire fighting security system

    FACP 10 loop fire alarm control panel(Including software) Cabinet type: for cabinet type controller, or desktop controller. Host capacity: 10 loop, alarm linkage total of 2420 address points. Has the equipment: print function, 24 point bus linkage operation disk, 6 points multi line control... Read More
  • 2-wire Smoke and Heat Detector Conventional Fire alarm system

    Smoke and Heat Detector 2-wire compatible with all conventional fire alarm control panel. The detector is photo-electronic detector uses a state of-the-art optical sensing chamber. This detector is designed to provide open area protection and to be used with non-coding fire alarm control... Read More
  • Addressable Fire Alarm Systems | Fire Alarm Control Panel MN300E 100 point addressable fire safe

    MN/300/100 fire alarm control panel Overview The MN300 is a new type of analog fire alarm control panel which has 100 alarm control points (detectors and modules which are characterized by fully mixed coding, non-polarity and two buses). It complies with the provisions of both Fire Alarm Control... Read More
  • Alarm Systems Wireless Siren Strobe Notify Device

    Focus Alarm MD-214R is 2-way communication wireless siren strobe. One MD-214R wireless siren strobe can work with maximum 48 wireless alarm devices. The wireless siren strobe can be turned on/off by remote. It can be triggered by wireless alarm control panel when intrusion is detected. Moreover,... Read More
  • Balcony, window protection Wired curtain PIR with MW detector

    Windows break-in alarm intrusion detector. DDP-968 is specilized for accurate protection area of balcony, windows entrance. Free false alarm and pet immunity. MCU technology to analyze intrusion object cubic and speed to avoid false alarm. Installed on wall 0.5m over windows or doors. Wire... Read More
  • Beacon explosion proof chemical industry factory gas warning

    Chemical industry security, oil field security equipment explosion proof beacon alarm lighter. JDJD-G is Non-coded Fire alarm, security system connection visual alarm with flashing. JDJD-G can be installed at explosion place with IIC or IIB grade T6 temperature situation. When incident happens... Read More
  • Beam break alert 4G app monitor alarm notify

    Perimeter Security Solution with app monitor wireless solar power beam break alert system. Easy install the beam transmitter and receiver terminals on fence, courtyard, garden, driveway to create invisible light wall. When someone intrudes the light wall, the beam sensor will send alarm report... Read More
  • CO detector Carbon Monoxide Alarm AC or DC power NC NO output

    Toxic gas detector and gas alarm of environment security sensor. CO303 AC power wire in or plug in type or CO343A DC9-28VDC power relay NC or NO output with connection for home security system or fire alarm system. CO303 or CO343A is for CO detection used in the home, small commercial... Read More
  • CO Smoke Detector Carbon monoxide and Smoke Alarm

    Standalone 9V CO and Smoke Detector Carbon monoxide and Smoke Alarm Technical Parameter Monitor current: ≤ 25 uA Alarm current : ≤ 45 mA Working voltage: DC9V battery Sound Level : ≥85 db (3 m) Working Temperature: -10 ~ +60 degrees Operating Humidity: ≤ 95% RH Sensor Types: composite optical... Read More
  • Conventional Reflected Beam Smoke Detection

    Unlike traditional detection systems, Reflected Beam Smoke Detectors were designed for spacious rooms, open areas, and high ceilings. Their innovative features make them popular choices for spaces like warehouses, atriums, arenas, and churches. With only one device to install and align, these... Read More
  • Curtain PIR intrusion detector hardwired connection

    It is direction recognition curtain PIR detector. Meian tech professional industry security system. It works with any alarm control panel such as ST-IVB, ST-VGT, EAVS-2508 and GE brand security system, Honeywell security device and more. Functions and Specification: 1.It adopts digital... Read More
  • Detector PIR outdoor pool orchard guard solar power wireless

    Protect outdoor property, pool, garden, orchard easy with solar power wireless wide angle detector. HB-T705 is designed for driveway, gate, pool, orchard, dooryard security protection. It can be installed indoor or outdoor. It has resistance for temperature change, shaking branches and pet.... Read More
  • DIY home automation security HA-I TCP/IP & GSM alarm

    With RJ45 ethernet cable port, users can program the alarm from the web IE, users can inquiry the alarm info in anytime, anywhere from the mobile, tablet, office computer web IE. New Feature: User can set the timing on and timing off for the smart home device. User can set the email address. If... Read More
  • Door window open wireless bell intruder alarm anti-theft

    HB brand wireless door magnetic contact with alarm bell. Simple home wireless security kits with door contact, window contact with alarm bell for notification of door open or window open. All doors and windows open can make the alarm bell. Up to 32 sensors can be added to HB-805A wireless alarm... Read More
  • Explosion proof H2 and all flammable gas detector

    It can work with any panel that can accept the switch signal such as the input module and Non- addressable control panel. high accuracy, good stability, anti-toxic, anti-interference ability . Automatic identification and protection and over- concentration sensor A sensor , short circuit, open... Read More
  • Fire Alarm and Gas Extinguisher Fire Automatic Control

    Conventional Fire Alarm Control Panel, FACP with notify circuit NAC can prevent and extinguish fire. CM1004 is 4 zones conventional Fire fighting panel with fire alarm and gas extinguishing controlling. The automatic fire extinguish panel is designed in accordance with EN54-2, EN54-4 and... Read More
  • Fire Alarm Control Panel 2 zones Conventional Fire communication

    Conventional Fire Alarm Control Panel 2 zones It meets requirement of EN54 parts 2&4 It is 2 zones Mini fire alarm control panel works with Maximum 60 detectors and call points. It can work with Maximum 31 slave fire panel by RS485 communication and show their panel and zone No. alarm or fault... Read More
  • Fire Alarm Control Panel CK1016 Conventional Fire linkage

    This fire alarm control panel meets NFPA requirement. It should be installed, commissioned and maintained by suitably qualified service personnel. Description: 1. It has 16 zones and 4 sounder outputs. 2. It has 3 standard FORM-A relays contact for alarm, fault, supervisory. And it has EIA-485... Read More
  • Fire Alarm Control Panel MN300E 100 point addressable fire safe

    MN/300/100 fire alarm control panel Overview The MN300 is a new type of analog fire alarm control panel which has 100 alarm control points (detectors and modules which are characterized by fully mixed coding, non-polarity and two buses). It complies with the provisions of both Fire Alarm... Read More
  • Fire Fighting Gas extinguish Manual release station

    The manual release button is connected with fire fighting panel. There are three buttons on the station, one is START button, another is STOP button and RESTORE button. When the START button is pressed, it will trigger fire fighting panel to release gas extinguishing for fire fighting. RESTORE... Read More
  • Fire floor displayer conventional fire alarm repeater 16 zones

    Conventional fire alarm repeater floor displayer The fire alarm repeater panel works with conventional fire alarm control panel via RS485 communication. It has 16 zones alarm and fault indication. It works by 24V power supply and with test button, reset button and mute button 1. Repeater... Read More
  • Fire Security System Maintence Panel key switch

    Maintain fire alarm system regularly easy with maintence panel for switch. This MAINTENANCE panel is a key switch, which disconnects actuation circuits in the system to prevent accidental discharge during maintenance operations. Two “LEDS” indicate “SYSTEM ARMED” and “SYSTEM INACTIVE”. When the... Read More
  • Focus Solar powered Wireless 2-way Flash and siren

    Wireless two way communication Solar power siren strobe focus meian tech professional security equipment. Audio and video Warning device MD-324R solar powered wireless alarm system Functions and Specification: 1.It can work with control panel or work with remote, or work with wireless detectors... Read More

    This package includes gas detector and solenoid valve 1/2" (If you need other size 3/4" etc. please leave comment for us) GA543-A AC Powered Plug-In Combustible Gas Detector General The gas detector is designed for single station use or for connecting to fire alarm or security alarm panel. Small... Read More
  • Gas release lamp Deflation indicator FQ119

    technical parameter 1. working voltage: DC24 + 15% (no polarity) 2. rated current: less than 60mA 3. ambient temperature: -10 C +55 C 4. relative humidity: less than 95%. 5. flash strength: more than 1.2WS 6. the number of light: = 120 times / min 7. life is more than 30000 times: strobe... Read More
  • HB-805AB wireless doorbell home alarm security system

    One pair wireless doorbell transmitting distance more than 300m (1000 feet). The package includes one wireless doorbell transmitter (HB-805B). It is waterproof and can be installed on gate outdoor. One wireless doorbell wireless receiver (HB-805A). It is place indoor with AC power... Read More
  • Home security intrusion alert wireless outdoor anti-theft alarm Driveway intrusion alert, outdoor anti-theft solar power detector with indoor sound and light alarm device. The package includes two parts of wireless perimeter security system. One part is outdoor... Read More

    Industry security device explosion proof sounder alarm bell 220V or 24V power supply. JDJL-2 fire alarm explosion-proof outdoor installing alarm bell is non-coded alarm system. It can be installed at places with IIC or IIB T6 temperature grade explosion gas.For example, it can be installed in... Read More
  • Independent Smoke Alarm 9V battery 3-5 years

    Smoke detector sound and light alarm standalone fire sensor 9v The alarm is a battery operated smoke alarm, equipped with a photoelectric sensor, designed to alert you and your family to the dangers of smoke and fire. The alarm includes 9V battery, protecting you even during a power failure.... Read More
  • Industry gas leakage detector explosion proof security equipment

    Gas leakage detector for oil field, oil stock, chemical factory combustible gas (or toix gas) detector with audio and visual alarm on spot. Combustible gas detector explosion proof is made according to GB15322.1-2003 for measure 0~100%LEL point type combustible gas sensor and GB3836.3-2000... Read More
  • Infrared Beams Laser Pointer perimeter security equipment

    Laser Pointer HB-JZQ is used for 100m above infrared beams calibration. With Laser pointer, installing the solar powered infrared perimeter beams is easy. The laser pointer can help adjust the transmitter beams and receiver beams angle. Laser pointer is laser beams kit for the installation of... Read More
  • LPCB Approved Intelligent smoke detector Addressable alarm

    Intelligent smoke detector Addressable alarm works with TC series addressable fire alarm system Infrared scattering principle Non-polarized two-wire Drift compensation and fault detecting function Reporting dirt fault Hotel, restaurant, warehouse, library, office building, teaching building,... Read More
  • Microwave Barrier MCB-150 Outdoor Perimeter Security Equipment

    Microwave barrier develops an electromagnetic beam using high frequency microwaves that passes from a transmitter to a receiver, creating an invisible but sensitive protection wall. When the receiver detects a difference of condition within its beam, it begins a detailed analysis of the... Read More
  • Outdoor anti-theft wireless solar power infrared barrier

    Home security outdoor burglar alarm windows fence balcony intrusion alarm bell. Solar power outdoor security equipment can be easy installed on wall, fence, windows, courtyard, garden for perimeter security protection. You can see how to install infrared grating at... Read More
  • Perimeter Beam with GSM Alarm Panel burglar alarm system

    Exterior Security Equipment with GSM alarm dialer home security system. The burglar alarm package including one pair 3-beam system and one set GSM alarm system. Details of 3-beam wireless solar power perimeter beam: Wireless beams detector updated with LCD calibrator and electricy power supply... Read More
  • Perimeter Security Detectors | Wired outdoor digital PIR Quad Infrared and MW complex

    ODT-8250 DMT adopts the dual-micro outdoor intrusion detector which includes energy-pile-up logical process, logic dynamic time split technology. It is the best choice of outdoor intrusion detector for finance industry, business and garden resident. ODT-8250 DMT, the part of PIR adopts... Read More
  • Perimeter Security Detectors | Wireless or wired AIR, PIR and MW outdoor Detector

    Intrusion Detector suitable for harsh environment with technology of dual PIR and dual MW. Outdoor/indoor motion detector for industrial, commercial and residential security anti-mask and tamper-resistant, pet immunity PIR. Features of FT-89R combined wireless wired connection PIR. 1.It adopts... Read More
  • Perimeter Security Wireless Photoelectric beams with Siren Strobe

    Photoelectric beams solar powered wireless perimeter security sensors with siren strobe audio and visual sound and light warning on spot. The new technology solar powered sensor and siren. It is industry grade electronic fencing wireless for easy installation. Without any wiring needed for... Read More
  • Program fire alarm system handheld LCD programmer with keypad

    Addressable fire alarm system Handheld Programmer Write, read and erase device parameters LCD display and functional keys The TX7930 handheld programmer is used to configure smoke detectors soft address and parameter. The programmer is necessary for linkage addressable fire alarm system. The... Read More
  • Remote Led Indicator Output Smoke detection area 40m2

    Advantage Standalone Smoke Detector producer high quality 9V Battery Smoke Sensor Features and Benefits 1.Strong Adaptability For Circumstance 2.SMT Design, High Stability 3.DC9V Battery Non-polarized 4.Power Supply Non-Polarized input 5.Twin Led For 360 Visual 6.Flashing Led Power... Read More
  • Safety Home Wireless Break Beam System anti theft perimeter security system

    Active photoelectric infrared grating for window break in prevention. Detection distance within 10m outdoor intrusion detector. It is updated wireless solar-powered and anti interference wall installation electronic grating. This is solar-powered product and should be installed at place where... Read More
  • Security Equipment Garden lamp with safety intruder alert beams

    Garden Lamp with safety light wall wireless break in alert beam system. Solar Powered 8 Beams Wireless 20m Active Infrared Wall Light Perimeter fence. Infrared Distance: 20m Wireless Transmitting Distance: 100m Wireless Transmitting Frequency: FM: 433MHz Maximum alarm times in 24 hours:... Read More
  • Security Equipment Garden light with safety intruder detection beams

    Garden Security Equipment Solar powered lighter with infrared detection intrusion sensor. Light wall wireless break in alert beam system. Solar Powered 8 Beams Wireless 20m Active Infrared Wall Light Perimeter fence. Infrared Distance: 20m Wireless Transmitting Distance: 100m Wireless... Read More
  • Smart fingerprint door lock workable with home alarm system

    Intelligent door lock network fingerprint, passwork, RFID card and app accessable door lock. S-001 is the newest technology network door lock available to work with wireless home alarm system GS-S1 or GS-S3 Works with home alarm system, the door lock can report door open status and visitor or... Read More

    Smoke and Heat Detector FT-143 Relay output 4-wire The detector is photo-electronic detector uses a state of-the-art optical sensing chamber. This detector is designed to provide open area protection and to be used with most security alarm control panel. This device may help your family safe... Read More
  • Solar power motion light courtyard lighting

    LED solar power courtyard, garage, garden, balcony lighting. The lighting and the solar power panel is separated. So, the lighting can be placed at dark place and solar panel at bright place. It has two modes: 1. Dim light with no motion and super light with motion detected. 2. Sensor mode. Only... Read More
  • Solar powered anti-masking, anti-interference Detector

    Motion Sensor anti-mask and tamper-resistant outdoor intruder alarm. It used polycrystalline silicon solar cell as power for easy installation. Functions and Specification: 1.Wireless and wired compatible outdoor detector. 2.2 channels dual PIR and dual Microwave detection. 3.With strong... Read More
  • Solar-power 6-beams Active Wireless Infrared Light Wall

    6 beams 100m infrared detection distance New wireless beams detector easy perimeter security equipment installation and no interference. Farm, public building exterior entrance security protection system. RF hopping & FM signal alarm with special wireless coding technology avoid mutual... Read More
  • Solar-Powered Wireless Ceiling-mount PIR Detector HB-T305

    Indoor installing solar power PIR motion sensor HB-T305 ceiling mounted rooms protection. Easy DIY home security no wiring no battery replace for a life time 10 years Indoor usage with natural light or LED etc. light source for its power panel supply. Free false alarm with innovative... Read More
  • Solar-Powered Wireless Curtain PIR Detector HB-T201

    1.Solar energy charging design, no need of external power line, the design life is 10 years. 2.Standby current is as small as μA stage. 3.Strong anti-interference capability for disturbances of electromagnetic, strong light, small pets , low false alarm rate; 4. Sensitivity of sensor is... Read More
  • Solar-powered Wireless Intrusion Detection Perimeter Security Alarm

    Solar powered wireless photoelectric beams with wireless receiver is the newest technology perimeter security intrusion detection system. The infrared beams are with transmitter and receiver terminals. They work as invisible barrier to stop illegal intrusion. If you want to protect the perimeter... Read More
  • Solar-Powered Wireless PIR Detecotor No battery

    HB-T205 Solar-Powered Wireless PIR Detecotor Used for drawing room,stair,lobby etc 1.Solar energy weakness light such as natural light, LED light charging design, no need of external power line, the design life is 10 years. 2.Standby current is as small as μA stage. 3.Strong anti-interference... Read More
  • Stand-Alone Heat Detector Home security fire alarm

    For a wide range of residential and commercial security like: home, shopping mall, hotel, warehouse, office, school, electric room etc. This heat detector is battery-operated, featured with high sensitivity, high stability, low power consumption, unique design, novel style, and very user... Read More
  • TCP/IP Control Panel with NVR

    It is an integrated security equipment with alarm, surveillance and video server. 4CH audio /video input, 4 wired 28 wireless zones alarm panel & NVR internet video server It is updated internet Alarm control panel with surveillance server for home and business real time monitor. Package and... Read More

    ST-VGT is a wireless security protection system that includes a control panel , integrated touch screen keypad and a variety of wireless devices which all use the two way wireless technology. With allied voice prompt interface, Support IOS/Andriod app mobile remote control in any network status... Read More
  • TCP/IP Home Alarm GSM Burglar Security Control Panel Desk type

    desk type IP panel Web IE browser programmable house alarm system Vertical type alarm security system LCD display, easy to operate New Feature : User can edit and program the home appliance location, and can define the time. User can set the email as soon as the alarm be triggered. User can... Read More
  • Visible Alarm Indication Remote LED

    Visual Alarm work with detector, Compatible with all the conventional fire alarm control panel The device is remote LED uses a state of-the-art designs. This LED is designed to be used with detectors. One 8mm LED provide local 360° visible alarm indication. They flash with the same as detector... Read More
  • Windows Security Equipment PIR Intrusion detector DDP-988 Focus

    Door & Window Guard Focus brand meian tech home and business security equipment manufacturer. DDP-988 specilized design for indoor or outdoor installation windows, balcony, door security protection. Description: Adopts 2 groups direction selecting quad curtain& Microwave. Adopts missile... Read More
  • Windows security solar power infrared grating break beam security system Home security outdoor burglar alarm windows fence balcony intrusion alarm bell. Solar power outdoor security equipment can be easy installed on wall, fence, windows, courtyard, garden for perimeter security... Read More
  • Wired connection outdoor waterproof PIR detector

    IP65 waterproof perimeter security PIR hardwire outdoor intrusion alarm system. Karassn security equipment manufacturer China top brand home and business security alarm system. 1.Double channels digital signal processing technology. 2.With tamper switch to avoid illegal open or moving. 3.PET... Read More

    KS-218T is a latest product developed by Karassn Security Co., It adopts Dual Infrared Sensor technology, efficaciously reduce false alarm caused by pet, greatly improve stability. Place of Origin: Fujian, China (Mainland) Brand Name: KARASSN wireless detector Model Number: KS-218T Color:... Read More
  • Wired Security Sensor | Door magnetic contact Switch MD-155 shutter door security

    Meian tech professional grade security service equipment hard wired sensors. MD-155 wired shutter door magnetic contact switch Focus brand wired shutter door switch works with alarm system With high sensitivity magnetic switch inside Used for office, store, workshop shutter door open... Read More
  • Wired Security Sensor | FG-2035 glass break detector

    FG-2035 is Focus security system wired glass break detector. It is for flush or surface wall, ceiling mounting. It detects the breaking of most common types framde glass panels while ignoring false alarms. Specifications: FG-2035 is for flush (single gang box) or wall / ceiling mounting for up... Read More
  • Wireless Magnetic Contact Solar-powered door switch

    Solar power indoor and outdoor burglar alarm series. Totally wireless home security system. They are outdoor infrared beam system, indoor PIR, indoor curtain PIR, indoor door contact, outdoor infrared grating, outdoor solar power siren strobe, solar power panel. Door magnetic contact wireless... Read More

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