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    IPTECHVIEW SURVEILLANCE is a cloud-based platform that provides a new user experience for video surveillance. It is best described as a proactive cloud-based VMS or VSaaS (Video Surveillance as a Service). The system is customizable and proactive, and can notify specific users on events they... Read More

    IPTECHVIEW is a universal cloud management platform for intelligent decentralized systems like video surveillance, access control, IoT, and infrastructure. It creates a single management and monitoring platform, and a more uniform operating experience for users. With IPTECHVIEW SYSTEM,... Read More
  • Video Surveillance

    Only The Best Decentralized Smart Cameras NO SINGLE POINT OF FAILURE. There is no central control box or server on-premise every camera has its own cloud link GUARD AND STORE VIDEO EVEN WHEN THEY TEMPORARILY DO NOT HAVE AN INTERNET CONNECTION. Local Intelligence like activity or person... Read More