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  • Balcony, window protection Wired curtain PIR with MW detector By Vedard Alarm Security Technology

    Windows break-in alarm intrusion detector. DDP-968 is specilized for accurate protection area of balcony, windows entrance. Free false alarm and pet immunity. MCU technology to analyze intrusion object cubic and speed to avoid false alarm. Installed on wall 0.5m over windows or doors. Wire... Read More
  • Ballistic Counters By Total Security Solutions

    Integrating countertops into a complete bullet-resistant barrier system while matching the wood and/or other materials featured in your space is a service we provide to spare you the hassle of having to hire a mill worker. Ideal for any facility, Ballistic counters use layered, reinforced,... Read More
  • Ballistic Security Glass By Total Security Solutions

    The centerpiece of any effective bulletproof barrier system is a carefully selected choice of bulletproof glass. Your choice of glass impacts your protection level, as well as all of the other ballistic components you choose, such as bulletproof doors, frames, and accessories. Without a solid... Read More
  • Bar Code Scanners By Cypress Integration Solutions | Cypress Computer Systems

    Cypress specializes in unique and secure communication solutions for physical and logical access control. Visit the website or contact the company to learn about its bar code scanners for asset tracking / recovery and other applications. Read More
  • Barrier Style Turnstiles By Kouba & Associates Inc.

    Barrier style optical turnstiles provide an increased level of security by means of a physical barrier. The barriers are normally extended, then retract into the turnstile housing when a valid card signal is received from the card access systems. The barriers remain in the retracted... Read More
  • Beacon explosion proof chemical industry factory gas warning By Vedard Alarm Security Technology

    Chemical industry security, oil field security equipment explosion proof beacon alarm lighter. JDJD-G is Non-coded Fire alarm, security system connection visual alarm with flashing. JDJD-G can be installed at explosion place with IIC or IIB grade T6 temperature situation. When incident happens... Read More
  • Beam break alert 4G app monitor alarm notify By Vedard Alarm Security Technology

    Perimeter Security Solution with app monitor wireless solar power beam break alert system. Easy install the beam transmitter and receiver terminals on fence, courtyard, garden, driveway to create invisible light wall. When someone intrudes the light wall, the beam sensor will send alarm report... Read More
  • Best Explosive Detector By Global Security Solutions

    The GSS3500 Advanced Portable Explosive Detector is the world's first and most recognized portable explosives trace detector that uses Luminal Chemiluminescence's (Chemilumina). It is the only portable device capable of detecting the presence of all threat explosives, including all types of home... Read More
  • Bike Parking Bollards By Reliance Foundry Co. Ltd.

    Bike Bollards and Cycle Stands Using Bollards with Arms. Reliance Foundry is a premier provider of decorative metal bicycle parking bollards that are innovative, practical, and aesthetically pleasing. Some outdoor bike storage racks are built to fit into small places, while others are built... Read More
  • Biometric Fingerprint Reader By Controlsoft, Inc.

    Biometric Fingerprint Reader for up to 500 Users Read More
  • Biometric Transponder Q 3007 By SimonsVoss Technologies

    Replace mechanical keys that can easily be copied and cause expensive re-keying when lost with this award-winning active, RF-based, biometric transponder. Up to six authorized fingerprints can be stored in the transponder. The user pushes the button and then smoothly swipes the finger across the... Read More
  • Bite Resistant Sleeves - Arm Guards By PPSS Group

    Our bite resistant sleeves or arm guards are offering BS EN 388:2003 blade cut resistance level 5 and typically used by professionals working within sectors, such as mental health, special needs, challenging behaviour or severe learning disabilities, as well as law enforcement and prisons. Read More
  • BL1000SS By BeLine

    The BL1000SS is the answer for timeshare properties. Access codes can be generated remotely without any connection or communication with the lock. A unique algorithm allows the access code to be generated anywhere and it will even expire at the specified day and time. You own the software,... Read More
  • Blackjack By Digital Watchdog

    Blackjack is our very first mini network video recording device that has been designed to support most major brands of IP cameras, megapixel cameras, and video encoders. Advanced H.264 Linux Embedded NVR 4/8/16 Channel Available View and Record from Anywhere in the World Continuous, Motion... Read More
  • Bomb Disposal Suits By Global Security Solutions

    Currently in service with bomb disposal teams throughout the world, this EOD/IEDD Bomb Suit combines state-of-the-art materials and design to deliver the highest level of protection with maximum comfort and flexibility. This comprehensive EOD protection system includes all that the agent needs... Read More
  • Book - "Is My Cell Phone Bugged?" By Murray Associates - Advanced Eavesdropping Detection Audits (TSCM)

    Cell phones are great... until someone eavesdrops, harasses, or otherwise compromises your privacy. Wireless mobile communications technology can be intimidating and even a bit spooky. We often hear... "Is my cell phone bugged?" "Can someone..." • eavesdrop on my cell phone calls? •... Read More
  • Broadcast Spectrum Analyzers By Avcom of Virginia Inc

    A few years back Tektronix deemed their 1705A Spectrum Monitor obsolete and AVCOM stepped up to the plate and surveyed the customers to find out what they liked and did not like about the 1705 series product, then went to work on the SNG-2500C which from a technical standpoint replaces the 1705... Read More
  • Bullet and Blast Resistant Storefront Systems By ARMORTEX

    Bullet and blast resistant aluminum storefront systems. UL level 1-8 and 10 psi blast protection. Read More
  • Bullet Resistant Barriers By Total Security Solutions

    The core of any bullet resistant security system in any customer service environment, our bullet resistant barriers offer you a broad array of options with which to create a secure, functional interface between staff and patrons at the counter level and above. You’ll find products that integrate... Read More
  • Bullet Resistant Fiberglass By Total Security Solutions

    Also known as Opaque Armor or bullet proof Kevlar, Bullet Resistant Fiberglass is a layered, reinforced structural polyester laminate (fiberglass) that offers unique bullet-resisting characteristics. Press molded between steel plates at high pressure and temperature, bullet resistant panels of... Read More
  • Bullet Resistant Fiberglass Panels By ARMORTEX

    Bullet and blast resistant fiberglass composite panels used for wall and ceiling protection. Rated to UL levels 1-8 and FSP (Fragment Simulating Projectiles). Read More
  • Bullet Resistant Glass By Total Security Solutions

    Total Security Solutions offers a full line of ballistic security glass. These materials are sold as a bullet proof glass system, cut to size or by the sheet. Read More
  • Bullet Resistant Hollow Metal Door By ARMORTEX

    Bullet resistant steel doors available in UL 1-8, .50 caliber plus armor-piercing protection levels. Also, up to 20 psi blast protection. Read More
  • Bullet Resistant Window By ARMORTEX

    Bullet and blast resistant windows available in UL 1-8, .50 caliber and armor-piercing protection levels. Also available up to 20 psi for blast protection. Read More
  • Bulletproof Glass Accessories By Total Security Solutions

    Total Security Solutions offers a variety of accessories to enhance the appearance and functionality of its custom bullet-resistant barrier systems, including overhead louvers and voice transmission hardware. Read More
  • Bulletproof Pass-Through Drawers By Total Security Solutions

    Bullet-resistant drawers are well suited for counter top or below counter exchange of goods and funds, and are available in a variety of materials and finishes to complement your barrier system. Read More
  • Bulletproof Transaction Windows By Total Security Solutions

    Transaction windows are busy hubs where documents and currency are exchanged. They're also vulnerable places where criminal activity can take place. Our wide range of bullet-resistant transaction windows provide ballistic and forced entry protection for any setting. Read More
  • Bullet-Resistant Package Passers By Total Security Solutions

    Post offices, shipping agents, convenience stores – anywhere packages and funds must be transferred from your customers to your staff – requires bullet-resistant package passers that allow the transfer without breaching security and putting lives on the line. We can provide several options,... Read More
  • Buried Cable Detection Systems By Southwest Microwave, Inc.

    Terrain following, columetric smart sensors that pinpoint intrusion attempts to within 3 m (10 ft) for applications where covert protection and site aesthetics are essential. Read More
  • Business Security Systems By I-Tech Security

    You’ve worked hard to build your business; don’t let anything jeopardize your success. According to statistics, businesses without Business Security Systems are more than four times as likely to be broken into than those that do, with retail stores being especially vulnerable. With... Read More
  • Business Spies & the Top 10 Spy Busting Tips they don't want you to know. By Murray Associates - Advanced Eavesdropping Detection Audits (TSCM)

    Most businesses are easy prey to... • Espionage • Intellectual Property Theft • Eavesdropping & Wiretapping • Hacking • Competitive Surveillance They are some of the top pick pockets in the business; maybe in your business. Business Spies helps you solve these problems. •... Read More