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  • C•CURE 9000 By Software House a Tyco International Company

    C•CURE 9000 is a powerful security and event management system that utilizes IT-standard tools and distributed architecture. The system utilizes multiple CPU cores, making it one of the fastest and most secure solutions in the industry. C•CURE 9000 v2.10 gives users the ability to control areas... Read More
  • Cameras By Seon

    Seon offers a selection of wedge, dome and other specialized cameras designed for mobile environments. Each camera can be configured to meet your unique requirements, offering audio and day/night capabilities. They also come pre-wired for audio and power, simplifying the installation process. Read More
  • CanProx Branded Thin Proximity Card By Cansec Systems Ltd.

    CanProx credentials are available in 125 kHz 26 & 37-bit AWID & HID-compatible formats. Slot punched with Cansec logo (.030" thick). Read More
  • CanProx ISO-Thin Printable Proximity Card By Cansec Systems Ltd.

    CanProx credentials are available in 125 kHz 26 & 37-bit AWID & HID-compatible formats. Dye-sub printable (.030" thick). Read More
  • CanProx Key Tag By Cansec Systems Ltd.

    CanProx credentials are available in 125 kHz 26 & 37-bit AWID & HID-compatible formats.Attaches to key ring with brass eyelet. Read More
  • CanProx One Proximity Reader By Cansec Systems Ltd.

    Cansec's CanProx One Multi-Mount Proximity Reader is the first of its kind to offer the flexibility of both door mullion or wall mounting in a single reader solution as well as supporting both AWID and HID 125 kHz technologies together at the same time. The reader mounts on a standard door... Read More
  • CanProx Stick-On Proximity Patch By Cansec Systems Ltd.

    CanProx credentials are available in 125 kHz 26 & 37-bit AWID & HID-compatible formats. Turn any portable item into a CanProx proximity credential with this 1" diameter peel-and-stick disc. Read More
  • Carbon Monoxide Detector with RealTest (CO1224T) By System Sensor

    The CO1224T from System Sensor now offers RealTest — the first and only true functional CO test that fully meets NFPA 720-2009 requirements. With RealTest, a simple short spray of canned CO is all it takes to know the detector is doing its job protecting occupants from deadly CO gas. With the... Read More
  • Card Making Equipment for Access Control Cards By IDP Americas

    An access control card can have many objectives, including controlling access to doors and gates, enabling users to sign documents electronically, and to enter controlled facilities with magnetic strips, contact and contactless chips. Our card making equipment provides perfect technologies to... Read More
  • Cardlock 1100 By BeLine

    Traditional electronic cardlock for hotels or similar types of usage. Integrates smartcard technology for a guaranteed card read. All weather protection and full stainless steel construction. Includes override metal key feature and multilayer card type access. Minimum 1 year battery life... Read More
  • CAT5E 350MHz Bulk Cable 24AWG Solid Copper, 4 UTP, PVC, CMR 1000’ Blue By Primus Cable

    Our CAT5E UTP PVC Cable Has voice, data, video and security capabilities, Our Cat5E 350Mhz Bulk Cable is ideal for your network installation. Whether you are wiring your home, office or entire campus, we have the solution thats right for you. We offer a variety of wholesale Cat 5e cable... Read More
  • CAT5E, 6, 6A Patch Cords By Primus Cable

    Our CAT5E, CAT6, CAT6A Patch Cords / Ethernet Cables meet TIA/EIA 568A and 568B standards. With high quality, copper core conductors, our patch cords offer unparalleled performance. With a variety of colors and lengths to choose from, we are sure to have what you are looking for. Pick from... Read More
  • CAT6 Shielded (FTP) CMP White, 1000', 23AWG 8/C Solid-Bare Copper, Wooden Spool (UL/ETL) By Primus Cable

    CAT6 Plenum Shielded, Solid Cable These USA Made High performance data communications cable are intended for noisy environment. Supports all CAT6 applications including Ethernet 1BASE-TX. Designed fo rindoor installations (CMP). Read More
  • CAT6A 10G Data Grade Keystone Jacks, 180 Degree, RJ45, 8x8, Tooless/110, Component Rated - Blue (MIG By Primus Cable

    CAT6A 10G Data Grade Tool Free Keystone Jack - MIG+ CAT6 Augmented 10G keystone jack delivers excellent headroom beyond 500MHz. Press-fit technology is applied for full-line production to prevent the potential risk of RoHS compliance. Tool-less when you use the IDC cap for wire management.... Read More
  • CAT6A 10G Plenum Blue, UTP, 1000' 8-Conductor, 23AWG Solid-Bare Copper, Spool, CMP (ETL US) By Primus Cable

    High performance data communications cable, designed for indoor installations rated CMP. Excellent attenuation and crosstalk characteristics. Will support all Category 6A applications, with multiple colors to choose from. This product is Made in USA! Read More
  • CAT6A 8x8 Shielded RJ45 Modular Plug, 3 Prong, for Round Solid/Stranded Cable (UL) By Primus Cable

    CAT6/A 8x8 Shielded RJ45 Modular Plugs Our shielded plugs are designed for use on our shielded CM, CMR, CMX rated, CAT6 and CAT6A bulk cables in premise wiring systems. Engineered to meet the 550 MHz requirements of CAT6A specifications, these plugs offer robust shield terminations and strain... Read More
  • CCTV Equipment Wholesale By Fast Access Security

    Fast Access Security is an international supplier of access control systems, electric locks,gate access systems, parking equipment and CCTV. We can create an access control system on any reasonable budget! Read More
  • CCTV Housing - Aluminum with heater, blower, sunshield and mounting bracket By Safety Technology International, Inc. (STI)

    STI’s protective housing for closed circuit TV helps reduce vandalism and tampering to these important units. “This housing is a highly practical and inexpensive way to help ensure the continuous operation of vitally important CCTV security TV cameras,” said Margie Gobler, STI president and... Read More
  • CCTV Housing - Die Cast Heavy Duty By Safety Technology International, Inc. (STI)

    STI’s new heavy-duty protective housing for closed circuit TV cameras helps reduce vandalism and tampering to these important units. Its detachable lid makes servicing the camera simple. This addition to the Stopper® Line of products has a glass lens and is constructed of heavy-duty diecast... Read More
  • CCTV Over IP Cable, CAT5E 24AWG UTP Solid + 18AWG 2/C, 1000’ Spool White By Primus Cable

    Our CAT5E CCTV Over IP Cable Is intended for digital communication & power limited cable applications, suitable for 350 MHz high speed data applications, gigabit ethernet, fast ethernet. Cable solutions for whole home voice-video-data Eliminates multiple cable pulls Readies premises for future... Read More
  • CCTV Products Thru Honeywell™ By ELB Technologies Group

    IP Cameras Digital Video Recorder Honeywell Software Solutions Read More
  • Cellchecker Pulse Load Battery Tester By SDi

    Cellchecker is ideal for testing batteries in fire and security alarm systems. Using pulse load technology it provides a comprehensive test of a battery's state of charge and condition. - Computes states of charge for lead acid battery types - Test battery condition - quickly and easily... Read More
  • Cellular Forensic Services By ComSec, LLC

    ComSec’s TSCM cellular forensic specialists utilize the Cellebrite suite of mobile forensic solutions to perform our cellular forensic services. The Cellebrite solution provides the most technologically advanced extraction, decoding, analysis and reporting capabilities of mobile data systems... Read More
  • Cellular Phone Interceptor By Global Security Solutions

    The GSS-ProA Interceptor is the very best GSM Cellular Interceptor off-air system available in the world today. It has features never before seen in any passive intercept system. It is a completely STEALTH - invisible and non-detectable, high performance and upgradeable, multi-channel GSM... Read More
  • Central Station Monitoring - Reporting By Central Security Communications, Inc.

    We have extensive reporting capabilities. These reports provide you with the information you need to make intelligent decisions about your accounts. When your customers have questions, you have accurate answers. Reports are available by web access, mail, or fax. Read More
  • Central Station Monitoring - Mobile Accessability By Central Security Communications, Inc.

    As a dealer or installer for Central Security Communications, Inc. you are able to login to our secure (ssl) web server where you can view activity of your accounts, put accounts on test, and much more. Read More
  • CertAgent By Information Security Magazine

    CertAgent is a self-contained, and easy-to-use Certificate Authority. With separate web-based enrollment and administration interfaces, it allows you to issue X.509 certificates to your employees and business partners, maintaining them in an integrated, externally accessible LDAP repository.... Read More
  • CheckVideo Gateway for Broadband Networks (CV400) By CheckVideo

    The 4-channel CheckVideo Gateway for Broadband Networks (CV400) incorporates advanced, auto-adapting video analytics, a video server and video recording, all in a single device. It converts analog CCTV systems from forensic tools into proactive video surveillance solutions, and is also able to... Read More
  • CheckVideo Gateway for Mobile Broadband Networks (CV43G) By CheckVideo

    The 4-channel CheckVideo Gateway for Mobile Broadband Networks (CV43G) incorporates advanced, auto-adapting video analytics, a video server and video recording, all in a single device. It transmits video data over the Sprint wireless network and converts analog CCTV systems from forensic tools... Read More
  • CheckVideo High Definition Indoor Mini Dome Camera (CV150) By CheckVideo

    The CheckVideo High Definition Indoor Mini Dome Camera (CV150) is a 2-megapixel camera that packages auto-adapting advanced video analytics, DVR, and video surveillance as a service (VSaaS) into a complete, cloud-based intelligent video surveillance solution. CV150 “watches” video 24/7 for... Read More
  • CheckVideo High Definition Outdoor Bullet Camera (CV135) By CheckVideo

    The award-winning CheckVideo High Definition Outdoor Bullet Camera (CV135) is a 2-megapixel camera that packages auto-adapting advanced video analytics, DVR, and video surveillance as a service (VSaaS) into a complete, cloud-based intelligent video surveillance solution. CV135 “watches” video... Read More
  • CheckVideo Ruggedized Outdoor Mobile Sentry (CMS4100) By CheckVideo

    CheckVideo Ruggedized Outdoor Mobile Sentry (CMS4100) is a complete, cloud-based mobile intelligent video surveillance solution that enables one-stop video security in virtually any outdoor or remote location. CMS4100 detects events of interest based on the presence of a person, vehicle or... Read More
  • Chemical Terrorism Vulnerability Information (CVI) E-Learning Training Program By Global Training Solutions Inc

    This e-learning training program provides an overview of a sensitive, but unclassified designation titled “Chemical-terrorism Vulnerability Information” (CVI). It defines what CVI is, what information is no CVI, who is subject to this regulation, access and disclosure of CVI, safeguarding CVI... Read More
  • Chit-Key Vaults & Panels By Key Systems, Inc.

    Our Chit-Key products use a very simple but clever technique for storing and ensuring the safe return of your keys. Locks are paired up to operate in tandem. You turn a key in one lock to remove a second key from another lock. We offer two standard chit-key vaults, but can customize their... Read More
  • CHRONO Series DVR By VITEK Industrial Video Products, Inc.

    Highly efficient H.264 compression Built-in Data Redundancy Real-time recording and real-time playback System Setup Wizard and User Friendly GUI Multi-Resolution recording 4 Selectable Spot Outputs with Sequence and event Pop-up Highly efficient and stable proprietary Database... Read More
  • CimTrak for Active Directory/LDAP By Cimcor

    CimTrak for Active Directory/LDAP monitors your directory services for deviations to objects, attributes, and schema. Unexpected changes may be limited to a single entity, such as an addition of a new account, or can have broader impact, such as a denial of service, due to the inherent... Read More
  • CimTrak for Databases By Cimcor

    CimTrak for Databases detects and alerts you to all changes to database configurations, user roles, and permissions cand is available for Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL, and IBM DB2. Read More
  • CimTrak for Network Devices By Cimcor

    CimTrak for Network Devices monitors changes to your network devices including switches, routers and firewalls. CimTrak for Network Devices is available for most network devices including those from Cisco, Juniper, Fortinet, SonicWall, Extreme, BlueCoat, Linksys and most others. Because... Read More
  • CimTrak for Point of Sale (POS) Systems By Cimcor

    Securing point of sale (POS) systems is an important element of ensuring that your customer's valauble payment card information (PCI) is not compromised. CimTrak covers your point of sale (POS) systems as part of a comprehensive strategy to protect your PCI environment and is available for a... Read More
  • CimTrak for Servers By Cimcor

    CimTrak for Servers monitors server files, applications, and configurations as well as the Windows registry for changes that originate internally or externally. Built around robust, real-time, file integrity monitoring technology, CimTrak for Servers is available for many operating systems... Read More
  • CimTrak for VMware ESX Monitoring By Cimcor

    Awareness of VMware ESX server configuration changes is vital in maintaining a stable, secure virtual machine host. Monitoring the integrity of these configurations ensures that the hosted systems remain available for supporting day-to-day business operations. Because VMware ESX hypervisors... Read More
  • CimTrak for VMware ESXi Monitoring By Cimcor

    CimTrak examines critical core VMware ESXi configurations such a user/host access permissions, active directory realms, network settings, integrated 3rd party tools, and advanced user configurations. This gives you the ability to proactively protect critical ESXi hosts and ensure the security... Read More
  • CimTrak for Workstations/Desktops By Cimcor

    Monitoring workstations and desktops can be desired for a number of reasons including compliance with the Payment Card Industry Digital Security Standards. As part of the comprehensive CimTrak product line, CimTrak for Workstations/Desktops is available for many operating systems including most... Read More
  • Claritii By Vumii Inc

    Claritii 500 is a unique zero-light, long-range, pan-tilt-zoom camera system that excels in detailed threat assessment applications. Claritii is the latest outdoor perimeter and border protection enhanced imaging solution. Proprietary “focused-beam array” LED technology is combined with a... Read More
  • CleanSpeak By FusionAuth

    CleanSpeak is premiere profanity filtering & moderation to keep inappropriate content and trolls out of your community. -The informal nature of chat allows users to speak freely making it a valuable community component. However, the speed of conversation leaves no time for manual moderation and... Read More
  • Clock/Bell Damage Stopper® By Safety Technology International, Inc. (STI)

    Protecive wire guard is highly recommended for gymnasiums and other areas where abuse is severe. This tough cover is designed to protect clocks, bells and similar instruments. The unit is constructed of 9-gauge steel wire with corrosion resistant polyester coating. The octagon, spiderweb like... Read More
  • CMD-143 : 14" Color Security Monitor By CoviSec - Coastal Video Security, Inc.

    Your security system is only as good as its components, don't allow your monitor to be the weak link in the chain. This monitor can display up to 525 horizontal TV Lines per inch for a crisp, reliable and undistorted image. This monitor can be used as your primary monitor for your security... Read More
  • CO detector Carbon Monoxide Alarm AC or DC power NC NO output By Vedard Alarm Security Technology

    Toxic gas detector and gas alarm of environment security sensor. CO303 AC power wire in or plug in type or CO343A DC9-28VDC power relay NC or NO output with connection for home security system or fire alarm system. CO303 or CO343A is for CO detection used in the home, small commercial... Read More
  • Coins, Dog Tags, and Medallions By Williams Jewelry & Mfg Co.

    Recognition and challenge coins, dog tags and medallions made to your specifications with your design, logo or insignia. Read More
  • Color IR Bullet Waterproof High Res Camera 6330 By Channel Vision

    The 6330 is a high-resolution Infra Red illuminated bullet camera. Its waterproof design and LED illumination make it ideal for CCTV installations where there is no ambient light and no shelter for the camera. Typical applications include entry gates, driveways, patios, and backyards. Read More
  • Color IR Illuminated Camera 6026 By Channel Vision

    * 1/3" high resolution CCD * 540 lines of resolution * 0 lux sensitivity * 3.6mm lens * Power supply included * 3-Axis concealed cable bracket * Waterproof (IP68) * Sun shield included Read More
  • Combi-Cam By FJM Security Products

    Combination cam lock with 1,000 possible combinations. Great for use on cabinet doors and drawers, lockers, mailboxes, equipment, and more. Use in any location where keys are a hassle! Easily set your combination any time. Available in 3 cylinder lengths (5/8", 7/8", and 1-1/8"). Comes in... Read More
  • Combi-Cam Ultra By FJM Security Products

    Combination cam lock with key over-ride and combination can be discovered with key and then reset. No more tossing locks due to lost combinations. Innovative dual access lock is better quality, more secure and at a more competitive price than anything else on the market. Large, easy to use... Read More
  • Command Consoles By Winsted Corp., The

    Sight-Line Consoles are ergonomic, modular, and adaptable, giving users flexibility in any control room environment. Sight-Line consoles feature the Versa-Trak monitor support system which offers the ultimate in adjustability. Monitor viewing angles and sight lines are easily optimized based on... Read More
  • Commander By Heald Ltd

    Heald’s Commander is the ultimate in perimeter protection and the world’s only security barrier PAS 68 tested to stop dead a 30-tonne truck travelling at 80 kph (50 mph). This is officially the highest ever impact energy test successfully carried out on a security barrier. • Lockable... Read More
  • Commercial & Residential Slide Gate Motors By Fast Access Security

    Fast Access Security Corp. is an international distributor of security equipment including: Gate Operators, Magnetic Locks, Electric Strikes, Access Control, Parking Control, CCTV/Surveillance and Burglar Alarm Systems & Equipment. All customers, big and small, receive first class service &... Read More
  • Communication Systems By DoorKing, Inc.

    DoorKing provides a full range of telephone entry systems and accessories to meet your specific application requirements. The 1830 series (1833, 1834, 1835, 1837, and 1838) are PC programmable systems and include the DoorKing Remote Account Manager software. The 1802, 1803, 1808 and 1810 systems... Read More
  • Compact Security By Winsted Corp., The

    High-Quality, low-cost modular Security Cabinets for use in compact surveillance rooms in any market. Heavy duty cabinets and accessories are the perfect choice for surveillance rooms in commercial buildings, convenience stores, health clubs, gas stations, and schools. Read More
  • CompactSec By Vumii Inc

    The CompactSec™ is a high value proposition thermal camera that offers superior imaging performance at economical pricing. The camera features a 25µ uncooled microbolometer imager with 384x288 pixel resolution. The CompactSec is designed to military grade specifications and tested to the IP66... Read More
  • Component Video/Stereo Audio Wall Plate Balun By MuxLab

    The Component Video/Stereo Audio Wall Plate Balun (500058-WP-US) allows one component video (YPbPr or RGB) signal and one (1) Stereo Audio channel to be transmitted via one (1) Cat5e/6 twisted pair cable for more cost-efficient cabling. The product fits Decora™ compatible outlet boxes for... Read More
  • Continuous Power Bridge By Solis Energy, Inc.

    Solis Energy's Continuous Power Bridge is an ideal solution to bridge the daytime power gap caused by an intermittent power source or during times when your existing power source is unavailable. Perfect for gang-switched street lights that do not have power during the day. Designed to fit... Read More
  • Controlsoft I-Net Door Control Unit By Controlsoft, Inc.

    The I-Net Intelligent Door Control Unit (IDC) provides a single board solution for interfacing one or two doors to a Controlsoft Lite or Controlsoft Pro Access Control system. In addition, other I-Net Intelligent Door Control Units, Reader Expansion Boards and I/O Expansion Boards can be added... Read More
  • Controlsoft Lite Software By Controlsoft, Inc.

    Controlsoft Lite is an entry level sofwtare solution for access control, door alarms and time & attendance applications. Read More
  • Controlsoft Professional Software By Controlsoft, Inc.

    Controlsoft Pro is a client / server building security software application, based on a Microsoft SQL database. Controlsoft Pro provides a powerful platform for access control, car parking, elevator, time & attendance, visitor management and can be integrated with third party CCTV, Fire and HVAC... Read More
  • Convenience Store Transaction Lines By Total Security Solutions

    Convenience store/gas station transaction points are different that those installed at banks and credit unions, primarily because of the high volume of traffic they see and also because cash/credit is typically being exchanged for goods that must pass from the seller to the buyer without... Read More
  • Conventional Reflected Beam Smoke Detection By Vedard Alarm Security Technology

    Unlike traditional detection systems, Reflected Beam Smoke Detectors were designed for spacious rooms, open areas, and high ceilings. Their innovative features make them popular choices for spaces like warehouses, atriums, arenas, and churches. With only one device to install and align, these... Read More
  • CO-PLATE Carbon Monoxide Detector Replacement Plate By System Sensor

    With the first system-connected CO detectors reaching their end-of-life, someone’s going to be making money on replacements. It should be you. And we’ve made it easy. Our new CO-PLATE Carbon Monoxide Detector Replacement Plate mounts in seconds for seamless CO detector replacement. And what... Read More
  • Corporate Security Solutions By Global Security Solutions

    Providing Complete Security Solutions to Global Business Using the latest State of the art Technologies, Intelligence and Counter Intelligence techniques to protect & secure Corporate trade secrets and reputation. Read More
  • Counter Surveillance & Eavesdropping Systems By MDI-Canada

    Counter surveillance & eavesdropping systems from MDI Canada include: counter surveillance monitors; nonlinear junction evaluators/detectors; counter surveillance receivers; precision borescopes; and more. Read More
  • COVERT Stab Resistant Vests By PPSS Group

    PPSS covert stab resistant vests offer unrivaled blunt trauma protection and a previously unmatched level of protection from hypodermic needles. PPSS covert stab vests are ultra thin and extremely light... in fact they are the thinnest and lightest on the market right now, weighing just 2.3kg! Read More
  • Covert, Ultra Low Bandwidth, Cellular Wireless Traffic Cone By Boundless Security Systems, Inc.

    Ultra low bandwidth, outdoor, battery-powered, covert, cellular wireless digital video surveillance system appears to be an ordinary traffic cone. It requires no wires and is installed simply by placing it on the ground. It forms many different video streams for each of two internal cameras to... Read More
  • Covert, Ultra Low Bandwidth, Cellular Wireless, Traffic Barrel By Boundless Security Systems, Inc.

    Ultra low bandwidth, outdoor, battery-powered, covert, cellular wireless digital video surveillance system appears to be an ordinary traffic barrel. It requires no wires and is installed simply by placing it on the ground. It forms many different video streams for each of two internal cameras to... Read More
  • Covert, Ultra Low Bandwidth, Outdoor, Wireless, Pole-Mounted, Digital Video Surveillance System By Boundless Security Systems, Inc.

    Covert outdoor system has two internal concealed cameras, many-stream network video recorder with team viewing, many-different-stream video communications system, and cellular modem. It contains Boundless’ ultra low bandwidth, Multi-Stream Video Server™, providing an easy to use, preconfigured,... Read More
  • CP-48DS-36 Color Hi-Res Vandal Dome Camera By Crest Electronics

    The CP-48DS-36 Color Hi-Res Vandal Dome Camera features 550 lines of resolution, 0.3 lux, a vari-focal auto iris lens, and a 36 infra red LED array for low light applications; all housed in a tough vandal-resistant, weather-proof housing. Read More
  • Crash Tested Bollards By Heald Ltd

    Heald’s Crash Tested Bollards are ideal for locations where a more architecturally sensitive security solution is required. • Range of colours available • Reflective strips for high visibility • Various heights available • LED Lighting options available • Automated bollard Read More
  • Cryptographic Development Kits (CDKs) By Information Security Magazine

    ISC CDKs are flexible, cost effective libraries of linkable cryptographic modules that allow you to add encryption, digital signatures, and message authentication to any application. They reduce the cost of developing secure applications by applying readily available, commercially supported,... Read More
  • CSPid By Information Security Magazine

    CSPid is a virtual smartcard that maintains a central repository for X.509 certificates and private keys. It provides a secure environment for cryptographic operations that nearly all security-enabled applications can access via Java, PKCS#11, or Microsoft CAPI. It is available for, and... Read More
  • Curtain PIR intrusion detector hardwired connection By Vedard Alarm Security Technology

    It is direction recognition curtain PIR detector. Meian tech professional industry security system. It works with any alarm control panel such as ST-IVB, ST-VGT, EAVS-2508 and GE brand security system, Honeywell security device and more. Functions and Specification: 1.It adopts digital... Read More
  • Custom Building Security Products By Designed Security, Inc.

    Cost-effective DSI custom manufactured products are designed to meet your unique security needs. DSI will work with you to create highly customized security products in a timely manner to meet the most demanding project requirements. You can entrust DSI to deliver high quality custom security... Read More
  • Custom Bulletproof Doors By Total Security Solutions

    Our Bulletproof doors come in a wide array of styles, materials, and bullet-resistant protection levels, and can be matched to fit your building's aesthetic. Read More
  • Custom Emblems By Williams Jewelry & Mfg Co.

    Whether your needs are for 5 emblems or 5,000 let our experienced designers guide you. The proper design will not only enhance your award program but can also save your company hundreds of dollars in emblem production costs. Read More
  • Custom Enviroments By Winsted Corp., The

    Freeform custom console systems balance form and function with an open architecture design ideal for LCD monitors. Ergonomic design, quality construction, and a beautiful appearance are a welcome addition to any environment. Read More
  • CyberCat Fire Alarm Panels By Fike Corporation

    Fike's state-of-the-art CyberCat® fire alarm and communications system is revolutionary in its speed, intelligence and flexibility. And the intelligent CyberCat control system is available for about the same price as standard fire alarm systems. Incredible Service, Superior Product --... Read More
  • CyberKeys By CyberLock, Inc.

    The CyberLock Electronic Lock System provides real flexibility in that there are two choices in rechargeable CyberKeys: the CK-RXD Key for all types of indoor and outdoor applications and CyberKey Blue, the new Bluetooth® compatible key, that offers a unique solution for companies with employees... Read More
  • CyberLock Electromechanical Locks By CyberLock, Inc.

    Videx designs and manufactures CyberLock, a system of electromechanical locks and programmable keys that brings access control and auditing to existing mechanical lock and key systems. If your mechanical locks and keys are out of control, CyberLock is the solution. CyberLock is unique in that... Read More
  • CyberLock Electronic Padlocks By CyberLock, Inc.

    Safeguard your physical assets with CyberLock electronic padlocks. Built tough, intelligent, and with stainless steel components they perform extremely well in the harshest environments. With CyberLock electronic padlocks, companies achieve controlled access, accountability, and key control at... Read More
  • CyberLock Flex System By CyberLock, Inc.

    The CyberLock Flex System is an addition to the CyberLock family, which includes weatherized key vault modules that enable electronic key storage at remote outdoor locations, input modules, display modules, and door controller modules. Behind the scenes is a dynamic software platform that deftly... Read More
  • CyberPoint By CyberLock, Inc.

    CyberPoints are electronic tags designed to serve as data collection checkpoints for electronically documenting security and fire/safety checks. The CyberPoint system offers many advantages over traditional checkpoint applications. Both the stationary CyberPoint and handheld CyberKey record... Read More
  • Cypress Wireless Handheld Reader By Cypress Integration Solutions | Cypress Computer Systems

    The Cypress Wireless Handheld Reader is used for these access control needs: • Remotely verifying credentials without being tethered to a building or booth • Checking IDs in trucks or inside buses • Creating an emergency assembly point or muster station • Conducting random spot checks... Read More