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  • Data Leak Assessment By Resilient Data, Inc.

    Resilient Data Inc.'s Data Leak Assessment is a service performed by certified information security professions that begins with an e-Discovery and classification of an organization's sensative data, followed up with a comprehensive vulnerability assessment of hosts, applications, network, and... Read More
  • DataBender™ Converter series By Cypress Integration Solutions | Cypress Computer Systems

    The Cypress DataBender™ Converter series is used for these access control needs: • Connecting readers with dissimilar panels • Integrating a new access control panel / reader with existing reader /control panel Field-configurable. Wiegand, MagStripe, Barcode, F/2F, ASCII Interface. Pluggable... Read More

    Both security camera and machine vision FA camera are evolving toward "beer picture" capabilities. As for lenses, the "input gate" for the picture, "higher definition" is always required. SPACECOM lenses aims to be a "lens maker for high image quality" based on our original abrasive and AR... Read More
  • DE8310 All-in-One Delayed Egress By dormakaba Group

    The Delayed Egress Electromagnetic Lock is an All-in-One delayed egress lock with a built-in sensor that detects pressure applied to outward swinging doors. Built-in sounder, voice and CCTV monitoring combinations make this ideal for applications requiring Loss Prevention, Life Safety and... Read More
  • Deal, Cash & Currency Trays By Total Security Solutions

    Designed for any application where funds are transacted and potentially vulnerable, we provide cash trays in stainless steel or brass, in a wide range of sizes. Read More
  • Decorative Metal Bollard Post Covers By Reliance Foundry Co. Ltd.

    Reliance Foundry’s exclusive pipe Bollard covers raise perimeter highlighting to a new level. An industry leader in the design and manufacture of decorative metal Bollard cover and pipe sleeve products, Reliance Foundry features a full inventory of Bollards covers - available in several sizes... Read More
  • Delayed Egress Locks By SDC Security Door Controls

    The Exit Check® electromagnetic delayed egress lock is designed to delay egress through perimeter exit doors for 15 or 30 seconds. Concurrently an alarm sounds while security and personnel are alerted of unauthorized egress. Compatible with access controls and patient wandering systems, SDC Exit... Read More
  • Delta Force® By Ameristar Perimeter Security USA Inc

    barbed tape products Delta Force was introduced by Ameristar Fence Products to parallel its efforts in the high security fence market. The addition of Ameristar’s barbed tape and concertina lines is the perfect visual deterrent on chain link fences. Delta Force’s helical barbed coils... Read More
  • Detector PIR outdoor pool orchard guard solar power wireless By Vedard Alarm Security Technology

    Protect outdoor property, pool, garden, orchard easy with solar power wireless wide angle detector. HB-T705 is designed for driveway, gate, pool, orchard, dooryard security protection. It can be installed indoor or outdoor. It has resistance for temperature change, shaking branches and pet.... Read More
  • DH-98A/AR Analog Duct Detector By Hochiki America Corp

    The HOCHIKI AMERICA DH-98 Analog duct smoke detector provides early detection of smoke and products of combustion present in air moving through HVAC ducts in Commercial, Industrial and Residential applications. The DH-98 is designed to prevent the recirculation of smoke in areas by the air... Read More
  • Digi Connect® WAN Family By Digi International, Inc.

    Digi Connect WAN cellular routers provide secure high-speed wireless connectivity to remote sites and devices. These products can be used for reliable primary wireless network connectivity to equipment at remote locations, as well as for a backup to existing landline communications. The Digi... Read More
  • Digital Ally In-Car Video Systems By Digital Ally Advanced Video & Speed Enforcement Products

    Digital Ally’s In-Car Video Systems utilize the latest generation of technology that is so small and advanced that the entire Digital Video System is integrated into a replacement rear view mirror. Simply remove the factory rear view mirror and install the Digital Ally DVM system. The video... Read More
  • Digital Locks By SimonsVoss Technologies

    Electronic access control beautifully contained completely in the handle of a door. This system provides the security, flexibility, and convenience of access control in a lock that installs as easily as a mechanical lock and costs much less than traditional electronic systems. An active-tag... Read More
  • Digital Pixel System Technology By Pixim, Inc.

    Unlike traditional image capture technologies, where each pixel cannot adjust to highlights and lowlights in the same scene, Pixim's patented Digital Pixel System® technology empowers hundreds of thousands of pixels to act like individual cameras constantly self-adjusting. This all-digital... Read More
  • Digital School Bus Surveillance System By Matco Inc

    The Digital School Bus Surveillance System provides real time video/audio recording for up to four channels at high resolution. It is powered by the vehicle and controlled by a specially designed Intelligent power control unit. It turns on automatically upon ignition and has a few minutes... Read More
  • Digital-Generation Interactive Remote Surveillance By BEI Security, Inc.

    BEI Security utilizes "digital-generation" communication technologies, coupled with a staff of Intervention Specialists experienced in handling virtually any situation. This powerful combination provides unmatched accuracy and credibility over millions of alarm notifications, using the world's... Read More
  • Digitial Monitoring By SentryNet, Inc.

    No matter where you are, SentryNet is there for you. With our well-trained, SIA-certified operators on duty 24 hours a day, you can feel confident that when you need help, we'll be there! Our monitoring facility has the latest in modern technology to make sure that we're ready for the... Read More
  • Direct-Link Crisis Response Throw Phone Systems By Enforcement Technology Group

    Whether it is executing a well-planned terrorist plot, an active shooter, a domestic dispute that spirals out of control or an emotionally disturbed person on the verge of committing suicide when a hostage/barricade/standoff situation occurs the lives of responding officers and innocent... Read More
  • Disaster shelters By Global Security Solutions

    Our Ultimate Disaster Shelters & Escape Platforms are the perfect solution for achieving the peace of mind that comes from being prepared for the very worst case scenario. Whether it is a natural disaster like Flooding, Fire, Earthquake, Volcano lava flow or ash outbreak, Hurricanes, Tornadoes,... Read More
  • Discoverii By Vumii Inc

    Discoverii is Vumii’s long range day/night vision platform that combines a continuous wave laser illumination beam with an automatically synchronized CCD imager for high contrast images at up to 3,000 meters (1.8 miles) in total darkness. This combination offers unsurpassed detail and clarity... Read More
  • Discreet Camera Enclosures By Parabit Systems, Inc.

    Our camera housing and enclosures have many different mounting options for maximum flexibility. Place cameras in ideal locations for best facial imaging such as door mullion, countertops, walls, frames, and bollards. Low profile and small format options give you discreet surveillance that can be... Read More
  • DIY home automation security HA-I TCP/IP & GSM alarm By Vedard Alarm Security Technology

    With RJ45 ethernet cable port, users can program the alarm from the web IE, users can inquiry the alarm info in anytime, anywhere from the mobile, tablet, office computer web IE. New Feature: User can set the timing on and timing off for the smart home device. User can set the email address. If... Read More
  • DMC4 Digital Mortise Cylinder By SimonsVoss Technologies

    The Digital Mortise Cylinder puts electronic access control into the mortise cylinder. Now you can remove the mechanical mortise cylinder from your Adams Rite aluminum storefront lock or Schlage L-Series Mortise Lock and replace it with a digital cylinder. This gives you control over who has... Read More
  • Document Access Servlet By Information Security Magazine

    ISC’s Document Access Servlet (DAS) is a customer-hosted web service that performs asymmetric private key operations (such as decryption, signing, or key agreement) on behalf of properly authenticated users. Typically the users are members of a group that may be thought of either as a community... Read More
  • Door Alarms By Designed Security, Inc.

    All of Designed Security, Inc.’s door management products are compatible, complementary components to any access control system. They can enhance the level of security at any door and are visually as unobtrusive as a thermostat on the wall. No matter what access control system is used by the... Read More
  • Door Stations & Access Control By IPTECHVIEW

    IPTECHVIEW provides access control with a selection of carefully selected leading brands. This eliminates vendor lock-in and offers choices on esthetics, functionality, and price points while staying within a range of vetted products and vendors that are committed to our values of offering a... Read More
  • Door window open wireless bell intruder alarm anti-theft By Vedard Alarm Security Technology

    HB brand wireless door magnetic contact with alarm bell. Simple home wireless security kits with door contact, window contact with alarm bell for notification of door open or window open. All doors and windows open can make the alarm bell. Up to 32 sensors can be added to HB-805A wireless alarm... Read More
  • DriveGuard Ultra™ By Cartell

    Perimeter security solutions from Cartell include the DriveGuard Ultra™ driveway alarm system, which can sound alarms, activate cameras and/or turn on up 1,800 watts of lights when vehicles are detected in the driveway. The system is based on reliable magnetometer technology, covers 12-foot wide... Read More
  • Driveway Alarms By Cartell

    The Cartell DriveGuard™ line of driveway alarm systems allows you to choose how you want to be alerted when vehicles enter the driveway. With four stand-alone systems to choose from, Cartell can do the following when vehicles enter the driveway: alert home occupants with audible devices, turn... Read More
  • Dry Explosive Test Kit By S2 Threat Detection Technologies

    The Dry Explosive Test Kit (DETK) detects dry explosive chemicals instantly, accurately and affordably and is ideal for civil aviation, military, police, customs, and security applications. Each test kit contains an individually wrapped paper based test strip, one pre-wetted swab, and... Read More
  • Dual PoE Splitter/Injector - PSI By Solis Energy, Inc.

    Solis Energy's Dual PoE Splitter/Injector (PSI) allows you to deliver 0-60 volts of DC power to two different outdoor PoE-equipped devices, especially when the devices require different voltages, such as a 48v radio and a 24v camera. Can also be used to separate power from the PoE input for... Read More
  • Dual Streaming IP Server with H.264 Compression By VITEK Industrial Video Products, Inc.

    VT-IPSD102H High quality of compression algorithm (H.264/MJPEG) H.264 + H.264 / H.264 + MJPEG Dual Streaming Encoder/Decoder selectable Full-duplex audio/video transmission 30fps/25fps @ full D1 resolution 1:N Multi-casting and relayed data transmission Protocols : TCP/IP,... Read More
  • DualSec By Vumii Inc

    DualSec™ is a powerful day-and-night, multi-sensor observation system that allows long range observation and detection using a color CCD camera and state-of-the-art thermal imaging technology. DualSec is available in both fixed or pan/tilt configurations. The color camera uses a 36x optical... Read More
  • DV-500Ultra All-Weather Video System for Motorcycles, Boats, ATVs or Any Other Vehicle By Digital Ally Advanced Video & Speed Enforcement Products

    The DV-500Ultra is a complete audio/video system utilizing the same advanced technology as Digital Ally's In-Car Video Systems with no moving parts to be affected by vibration, but specifically designed for harsh weather and environmental conditions. Versatile and powerful, the DV-500Ultra has... Read More
  • DVF-500 Digital Video Flashlight By Digital Ally Advanced Video & Speed Enforcement Products

    The DVF-500 is a portable digital audio and video recording system integrated into a high quality, water resistant machined aluminum law enforcement style flashlight. Document the evidence at the scene and playback using a computer or any standard TV monitor. Helps reduce department liability... Read More
  • DVR1618 By CCTV Imports

    CCTV Imports proudly introduces its new 16-channel networking dvr, the DVR1618. Key features include 480 frames recording, a DVD burner, email notification, motion detection, and the capacity to hold up to 3TB of storage. With the new H.264 compression, pentaplex function, sixteen channels of... Read More
  • DVR-LB1 By Video Mount Products

    DVR-LB1 DVR Lockbox With Fan - Interior dimensions 21” W x 21” D x 8” H - Vented and includes fan for additional ventilation - Interlocking lift off lid - Key locked hinged front door - Black static resistant powder coat finish Read More
  • DVRs By Seon

    Seon’s mobile digital video recorders include the Trooper® TL2/4, the Explorer® MX-HD,TX8,and DX12. Our 2-12 camera systems are dependable, user-friendly, tamper-proof and tough ― capable of withstanding vibration, temperature extremes and all the rigors of mobile environments. Seon solutions... Read More
  • DX Series Dual Technology Detector By Optex

    Combining quad zone PIR technology and unique microwave detection DX series are the result of Optex’s advanced research with PIR and Microwave technology. Also the design of this product offers easy, trouble-free installation in a compact and attractive housing. These models have features... Read More