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  • Face Recognition Attendance System By Truein

    Truein facial recognition attendance system is a mobile/tablet-based attendance system for your employees and contract workers. You can configure it on any android or iOS-based device. Read More
  • FastGate™ Access Control Solutions By Advanced Detection Technology

    FastGate™ Grasp Handheld Security Assistant This sleek device is designed to efficiently link individuals, their vehicle and passengers and their authorized ID cards in an easy-to-use, small form factor. The FastGate™ Grasp encompasses a wide variety of technologies including a 5 MP digital... Read More
  • FASTLANE® ATM/SONET Encryptor (KG-75/KG-75A) By General Dynamics C4 Systems

    The FASTLANE® ATM/SONET Encryptor provides high-speed, end-to-end, low-latency security for local and wide area ATM networks. FASTLANE is the fastest ATM encryptor in the world and is offered in a variety of interfaces to meet user needs. The addition of SONET/SDH path level encryption to... Read More
  • FastPlate™ License Plate Recognition By Advanced Detection Technology

    FastPlate™ Express ALPR System captures images of vehicles traveling up to 10mph using software driven motion detection. The entire portable unit, including two polyurethane speed bumps, transports in one rugged carrying case and can be deployed in one minute by one person. Capabilities to add,... Read More
  • Fault Tolerant Access Controller By PCSC

    The revolutionary, patented Fault Tolerant Access Control System, which offers the security industry's first high availability access control system with redundant host, controllers, and communication. The peer-to-peer network of fault tolerant controllers and door interface modules provides for... Read More
  • FD322 APU - Stand Alone Dual-Channel Fiber Defender APU By Fiber SenSys,Inc (FSI)

    The FD322 is a low-cost, stand-alone Dual-Channel Fiber Defender APU. Applications: Fence. 500m maximum zone length. Features include: 1.) Dual zone Alarm Processing Unit (APU) 2.) 500m sensing cable (cable to be puchased separately) 3.) Optical fibre cable resistant to EMI and... Read More
  • FD8362E By VIVOTEK

    VIVOTEK FD8362E, part of the SUPREME series camera line, offers exceptionally high quality resolution and astonishing imagery at 30 frames per second in 1080p Full HD. Unlike conventional VGA dome cameras, the FD8362E is capable of monitoring a comprehensive area; a huge benefit to businesses... Read More
  • Fence Detection Systems By Southwest Microwave, Inc.

    Revolutionary fence-mounted smart sensors that pinpoint cut or climb intrusion attempts to within 3 m (10 ft)and eliminate environmental nuisance alarm problems. Read More
  • Fiber Patch Cable, SC-ST Multimode, Duplex, 50/125, 10 Gig OM3, 05 Meter, 3.0mm Diameter OFNR Riser By Primus Cable

    SC-ST Fiber Patch Cord Cable Jumper, Multimode 50/125 10GB OM3, 5 Meter SC-ST, PC, Fiber Patch Cable, Duplex, Multi Mode. 50/125 Micron 10GIG Fiber OM3, 3.0mm, PVC (OFNR Rated), Aqua Jacket, 05 Meter, Specifically Designed for High Speed 10 Gigabit Ethernet Applications. Our extensive range of... Read More
  • FiberSensor™ By BEI Security, Inc.

    FiberSensor™ Perimeter Intrusion Detection is BEI Security's high performing, cost-effective security system designed for low to medium security risk installations. Detects intrusion attempts at fence or palisade barriers by means of motion and vibration disturbance. To provide uniform... Read More
  • Fire Alarm and Gas Extinguisher Fire Automatic Control By Vedard Alarm Security Technology

    Conventional Fire Alarm Control Panel, FACP with notify circuit NAC can prevent and extinguish fire. CM1004 is 4 zones conventional Fire fighting panel with fire alarm and gas extinguishing controlling. The automatic fire extinguish panel is designed in accordance with EN54-2, EN54-4 and... Read More
  • Fire Alarm Aspiration Sensing Technology By Fike Corporation

    Fike’s FAAST is very early warning fire detection featuring the latest in fire alarm aspiration sensor technology. Compatible and complementary to each of Fike’s fire alarm and fire suppression systems, this smoke sensor technology uses an advanced, intelligent smoke detector that actively draws... Read More
  • Fire Alarm Control Panel MN300E 100 point addressable fire safe By Vedard Alarm Security Technology

    MN/300/100 fire alarm control panel Overview The MN300 is a new type of analog fire alarm control panel which has 100 alarm control points (detectors and modules which are characterized by fully mixed coding, non-polarity and two buses). It complies with the provisions of both Fire Alarm... Read More
  • Fire Alarm Monitoring By COPS Monitoring

    Don't let our name fool you! COPS, an acronym for Central Office Processing Services, has been a leader in fire alarm monitoring since 1978. The COPS name and our reputation for high standards are both well-respected by fire alarm dealers and AHJs throughout the nation. We understand the... Read More
  • Fire Alarm Signal Light for Fire Evacuation By Vedard Alarm Security Technology

    sound strobe conventional sounder siren alarm DC24V SPECIFICATIONS Working voltage: 16VDC to 30VDC. Alarm Current: ≤ 50mA. Ambient temperature: -10℃ to +55℃. Ambient humidity: ≤95%RH. Sound level of alarm : ≥100dB. Flash Intensity: ≥75CD Flash Period: <1S Life of flash light:... Read More
  • Fire Extinguisher Theft Stopper® By Safety Technology International, Inc. (STI)

    With the cost of fire extinguishers on the rise, it is now more important than ever to protect these vital units. The solution to help keep them safe is the STI Fire Extinguisher Theft Stopper® (STI-6200). This battery operated alarm offers a unique steel cable operated switch mechanism,... Read More
  • Fire floor displayer conventional fire alarm repeater 16 zones By Vedard Alarm Security Technology

    Conventional fire alarm repeater floor displayer The fire alarm repeater panel works with conventional fire alarm control panel via RS485 communication. It has 16 zones alarm and fault indication. It works by 24V power supply and with test button, reset button and mute button 1. Repeater... Read More
  • FireNET Analog Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel By Hochiki America Corp

    The FireNET™ 4127 control panel is an analog addressable fire alarm panel containing 2 or 4 SLC loops with each loop supporting 127 devices of any combination (sensors or modules), and 127 analog sounder bases, for a possible total of 254 points. Communication between devices is transferred... Read More
  • FireNET Plus By Hochiki America Corp

    The FireNET™ Plus 1127 series control panel is an analog addressable fire alarm panel with build options containing 1 or 2 SLC loops, a Digital Alarm Communicator/ Transmitter (DACT), and an RS-485 bus for network communication. Each SLC loop supports 127 devices of any combination (sensors... Read More
  • Fireproof Safes By K.L. Security Enterprises, Inc

    SentrySafe and FireKing security safes for the home, business and enterprise offer up to 3 hour fire rated security from UL and the best prices online. Read More
  • FirstVu Evidentiary, Wearable/Mountable Video System and Digital Camera By Digital Ally Advanced Video & Speed Enforcement Products

    The FirstVu captures your point of view anywhere you need it, recording video and audio or still photos. So your recordings stand in court, recorded evidence can not be edited or deleted on the system and is watermarked to prevent tampering, the system is password protected, users are logged,... Read More
  • Fixed Matador By Heald Ltd

    Heald’s Fixed Matador is a surface mount, static bollard system. The Fixed Matador is tested to halt a 7.5 tonne truck travelling at 48 kph (30 mph). • Static solution • PAS68 tested to halt a 7.5 tonne truck @ 30 mph • Low cost installation • Other cover types available • Base plate options... Read More
  • Flexible Bollards By Reliance Foundry Co. Ltd.

    Rigid bollards that bend or flex when impacted - minimizing damage to vehicles and foundations The presence of a great many automobiles in city centres makes it necessary to limit their access to certain places: pedestrian areas, restricted parking lots, etc. Reliance Foundry's new FLEX... Read More
  • Fluorescent Light Damage Stopper® By Safety Technology International, Inc. (STI)

    STI’s innovative wire guard helps protect fluorescent lights where abuse is severe. Called the Fluorescent Light Damage Stopper, it incorporates a patented web-like design that simulates a spider’s web for added strength. The guard takes hard knocks in stride and is recommended for areas where... Read More
  • Focus Markets By Digital Vision CCTV, LLC

    Hi-Rise, Gated, and Resort & Multi family Residential Community properties all types of retail, hotel/hospitality, restaurants, commercial real-estate, residential, healthcare, hi-tech data centers, manufacturing and distribution/logistics markets, throughout Atlanta and the Southeast United States. Read More
  • Focus Solar powered Wireless 2-way Flash and siren By Vedard Alarm Security Technology

    Wireless two way communication Solar power siren strobe focus meian tech professional security equipment. Audio and video Warning device MD-324R solar powered wireless alarm system Functions and Specification: 1.It can work with control panel or work with remote, or work with wireless detectors... Read More
  • ForeSight™ Long Range Video Surveillance By Advanced Detection Technology

    ForeSight™ Long Range Video Surveillance cameras provide extreme long range day/night surveillance anywhere it is needed. These powerful cameras can read license plates between 90 m and 762 m. Illumination options include IR, laser IR and thermal imaging. Camera housings are equipped to handle... Read More
  • Forgen Micro Wind Turbines By Sirius Integrator Inc

    Sirius Integrator is the North American Distributor of Forgen Wind Turbine battery-charging systems. These systems are the only wind turbines endorsed by Polar Technology experts for very cold harsh environments. The Forgen 500 and 1000 range from 12w to 30w generators (at 30knots). They are... Read More
  • FoxFury Nomad 3600 Area-Spot Light By FoxFury Lighting Solutions

    Portable rechargeable quick deployment combination LED Area light and Spotlight providing up to 3600 torch lumen. Telescopes up to 8 ft tall as a tripod light and can fold into a 33" tube for easy transport. Attach / detach diffuser lens to switch between area light and spotlight. Powered by... Read More
  • FoxFury Rook CheckMate LED Flashlight By FoxFury Lighting Solutions

    600 torch lumen CREE tactical LED flashlight with white light for maximum illumination. Has a low and high mode along with a disorienting turbo strobe for personal protection / safety. Comes with a tactical switch and front and rear strike bezel. Accepts lithium (CR123) or rechargeable (18650)... Read More
  • FoxFury Rook MD1 LED Flashlight By FoxFury Lighting Solutions

    220 torch lumen CREE tactical LED flashlight with white light for maximum illumination. Has a low and high mode along with a disorienting turbo strobe for personal protection / safety. Comes with a tactical switch and front and rear strike bezel. Accepts lithium (CR123) or rechargeable (18650)... Read More
  • FoxFury Rook MD3 White and UV LED Flashlight By FoxFury Lighting Solutions

    130 lumen CREE LED flashlight with white and UV (395 nm) light. Designed for use in checking identification, documents and currency. Utilizes 2 CR123 batteries or 1 Li-ion rechargeable 18650 battery and comes with strike bezel and disorienting turbo strobe. Extremely durable: waterproof, fire /... Read More
  • FoxFury Scout Tasker-Safety Black Case Utility Light By FoxFury Lighting Solutions

    Versatile Utility Light with optional clip enabling multiple wear option (belt, pocket, etc.). 4 Modes and Waterproof to 20 ft (6 m). Red LEDs are for visibility and night vision adaptation including reading (maps) in the dark. Light Emissions * 20.0 Lumens (251 Candle Power) for White... Read More
  • Free Exit Systems By Cartell

    Cartell’s free exit systems automatically open your gate--without the use of a remote, key fob or keypad--when vehicles exit the property. Two systems are offered: GateMate (product code CP-3), a self-contained system and Pioneer (product code CT-3BG), a two component system. Both are... Read More
  • Full Height Turnstiles By Boon Edam Inc.

    Boon Edam offers an extensive range of durable and reliable full height security turnstiles for both indoor and outdoor perimeter protection. Choose from a wide range of finishes and options, including aesthetically pleasing transparent turnstiles for indoor office environments. Compatible with... Read More
  • FULL HEIGHT TURNSTILES By Alvarado Manufacturing Company, Inc.

    Full Height Turnstiles from Alvarado secure sensitive and restricted areas and provide entry control for both indoor and outdoor perimeter applications. Our precision crafted full height turnstiles integrate with virtually any access control system, including the incorporation of biometric... Read More
  • FullSight™ 360° 10 Mega Pixel Camera By Sentry360

    Industry 1st H.264 10 Mega pixel 360° camera has no blind spots and no moving parts. The camera can have multiple corrective perspective angles from its omni-directional vantage point delivering full situational awareness. Innovative features/key benefits: -H.264 Compression - 1/2.3 inch... Read More
  • FusionAuth By FusionAuth

    FusionAuth gives you advanced identity and access management in minutes and is 100% free for unlimited users. Built to be developer-friendly and run on any platform, it provides secure, single-tenant, on-prem or private cloud registration, login, SSO, MFA, localized emails, group-based... Read More
  • FutureSentry First Responder By FutureSentry

    The FutureSentry automated guard, launched in April 2010, was the first integrated, self-contained automated personnel detection, response and intervention device. As of October 2010, the original automated guard device (Models F4-U, F4-C, F4-I) has been replaced by the FutureSentry First... Read More