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  • V6621-N & V6622-N Series Vandal Resistant Color & Day/Night IP Minidome Camera By Infinova

    Infinova's V6621-N & V6622-N series IP minidome cameras feature a high resolution 1/3" SONY CCD sensor and the state-of-the-art network video encoding technology. With real time image collecting system, these cameras offer evidentiary-quality image across all lighting conditions. Besides, the... Read More
  • Value Line Ball Camera By Digital Watchdog

    The Value Line Ball Camera is the perfect choice for simple security applications. It is affordable yet equipped. It is a vandal and weather-resistant 3-axis ball camera that offers a wide angle fixed lens for general viewing applications and a 1/3” CCD chipset for sharp and clear images. It... Read More
  • Value Line Bullet Camera By Digital Watchdog

    The High Resolution Bullet Camera is the finest bullet camera with an affordable price. With its innovative features, sleek attractive design, and DW’s patent-pending “No Fog and No Condensation” circuit, the camera is ideal for a wide range of video surveillance applications. 1/3” CCD 540 TV... Read More
  • Value Series Panic and Fire Exit Hardware By Detex Corporation

    Value Series devices are secure and durable panic and fire exit hardware at an economical price. The patented mounting plate and strike locator system ensures the easiest and most accurate installation of panic hardware available. Read More
  • VDVF-EF-650 By CCTV Imports

    CCTV Imports proudly introduces its VDVF-EF-650 super wide dynamic dome camera. With 650 lines of resolution during the day and 700 at night, a 0.0001 LUX rating, and a 3.3-12mm varifocal lens, this color camera is guaranteed to give you a high quality picture. The VDVF-EF-650 is built with... Read More
  • Vehicle Tracking By Land Air Sea Systems

    Over the past decade, GPS vehicle tracking has become increasingly commonplace in just about all segments of society. With its variety of business and consumer applications ranging from transportation to law enforcement to teen driving, GPS tracking is proving to boost employee productivity for... Read More
  • Vel-Key Products By Key Systems, Inc.

    Vel-Key® products increase security and productivity through simple effective key organization. Our plastic two-sided tags leave room for labeling one side and utilize durable Velcro® on the other for mounting in any one of our key organizers. A variety of files and cases in this product line... Read More
  • Vertex Multi-Point Toxic Gas Monitoring System By BW Technologies by Honeywell

    Up to 72 points of continuous gas detection. Vertex combines the most advanced Chemcassette, software and optics technologies into a flexible, easy-to-use, reliable gas monitoring system. Flexible Start your Vertex™ System with as little as eight points. As your monitoring needs change,... Read More
  • Vertical Pivot Security Gates and Certified Crash Gates By Tilt-A-Way

    Tilt-A-Way Vertical Pivot Gates are available in a variety of standard configurations to meet commercial, residential or other private entry requirements. Security operations around the world including military bases, commercial airports, power plants, refineries, governmental agencies, college... Read More
  • VESDA by Xtralis By Xtralis

    Xtralis is a global leader and pioneer in life safety. We invented VESDA very early warning aspirating smoke detection (ASD), the world's No. 1 ASD brand. Customers worldwide rely on VESDA by Xtralis when business continuity is imperative, environments are challenging, and time is required to... Read More
  • VESDA ECO by Xtralis By Xtralis

    With VESDA ECO, Xtralis has extended its market-leading VESDA very early warning aspirating smoke detection system to include reliable gas detection and environmental monitoring. Invisible hazards can originate from the release of toxic gases, oxygen deficiency, or the presence of combustible... Read More
  • Vi2301 By Vigitron, Inc.

    The MaxiiCopper Model Vi2301 is a revolutionary data transmission device that extends full-duplex High-Speed Ethernet over existing UTP infrastructures. It extends 10BaseT signals up to 5,000 feet (1,524 m) and 100BaseT up to 2,100 feet (640 m). It employs MaxiiCopper innovative and unique... Read More
  • Vi2401 By Vigitron, Inc.

    The MaxiiCopper Model Vi2401 is a revolutionary data transmission device that extends full-duplex High-Speed Ethernet over existing coax infrastructures. It extends 10BaseT signals up to 5,000 feet (1,1524m) and 100BaseT up to 2,100 feet (640m). It employs MaxiiCopper innovative and unique... Read More
  • Victoria GPS Tracking System By Land Air Sea Systems

    The Victoria is a portable GPS tracking device that provides remote access to valuable assets via two updating intervals. You can choose true real-time updating every 10 seconds with the unlimited plan or a more cost effective option of updating every five (5) minutes. Regardless of the data... Read More
  • Video Monitoring / Video Alarm Verification By COPS Monitoring

    See what you're missing! Video verification is going mainstream and is available at the price of a traditional system! Many alarm companies are supplementing their RMR with video verification, while other dealers specialize in video monitoring exclusively. Whether you're just starting out with... Read More
  • Video Surveillance By IPTECHVIEW

    Only The Best Decentralized Smart Cameras NO SINGLE POINT OF FAILURE. There is no central control box or server on-premise every camera has its own cloud link GUARD AND STORE VIDEO EVEN WHEN THEY TEMPORARILY DO NOT HAVE AN INTERNET CONNECTION. Local Intelligence like activity or person... Read More
  • Video Surveillance Systems By I-Tech Security

    -Tech Security is a premier provider of security solutions to businesses and residential properties. Our Video Surveillance Systems allow you to have complete visuals of your property. Our services include: Systems design Installation Integration Client Assistance We ensure... Read More
  • VideoManager Software By Digital Ally Advanced Video & Speed Enforcement Products

    Every Digital Ally video system comes complete with user-friendly software to allow playback, searching and retrieving video, annotating, file management and archiving as well as optional wireless file transfer and updates from/to the video system. Video may be played using standard Windows... Read More
  • Viewscan By View Systems , Inc.

    ViewScan is a walkthrough concealed weapons detector (CWD) which uses advanced magnetics technology to visually locate threat objects on its video image. The system is sensitive enough to locate items such as hidden razor blades and cellular phones, but will ignore common objects such as coins,... Read More
  • Vinden EX Continuous Zoom Thermal Imager By Sierra Olympic Technologies Inc

    Sierra-Olympic’s Vinden CZ, is a ready-to-use, continuous optical zoom thermal imager that exceeds the capabilities of other cooled MWIR zoom cameras. Intended for OEM customers needing a continuous zoom chassis camera for integration, the Vinden CZ offers advanced image processing with 3X... Read More
  • Vingtor-Stentofon Pulse intercom system By Vingtor-Stentofon by the Zenitel Group

    Vingtor-Stentofon Pulse is a Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) based intercom system for up to 84 users in total. The system technology includes a wide range of IP special purpose terminals including IP intercom, IP telephones, IP speakers and IP gateways. It is easy to install and requires no... Read More
  • Viper By Heald Ltd

    Heald’s Viper offers PAS 68 and ASTM tested security in an imposing shallow mount solution. • Successfully crash tested to PAS68 and ASTM standards • LED Lighting available • Environmental advantages (synthetic oil) • Shallow foundation depth • Proven reliability • Protective sacrificial skirt Read More
  • Visible Alarm Indication Remote LED By Vedard Alarm Security Technology

    Visual Alarm work with detector, Compatible with all the conventional fire alarm control panel The device is remote LED uses a state of-the-art designs. This LED is designed to be used with detectors. One 8mm LED provide local 360° visible alarm indication. They flash with the same as detector... Read More
  • Visitor Management By Splan Visitor Management Solutions

    Splan Visitor Management Solutions Splan Guest Registration Solutions Splan Event Management Solutions Splan School Student Checkin and Guest Registration Solutions COVID-19 Safety Solutions, Social Distancing, Temperature Screening, COVID Questionnaire Room Booking Softwarre Queue Management... Read More
  • Visitor Management Kiosks By Parabit Systems, Inc.

    Securing and authorizing access to a building for employees and guests has become a key focus for today's corporate security managers. To meet these challenges Parabit designs, manufactures and integrates technologies to meet the needs of our clients. Parabit's Visitor Management Kiosks provide... Read More
  • VMAG, LLC By VMAG High Velocity Magnetic Gate Operators

    The World's Fastest & Most Reliable Gate Operator! VMAG is the ultimate gate operator for security with speeds up to 8ft./second. VMAG speed effectively deters unauthorized access and tail-gating while dramatically increasing throughput for authorized vehicles. The revolutionary VMAG operator... Read More
  • vMax Compass - School Bus Routing Software By Seon

    Seon's vMax® video managment software suite addresses the needs of bus and coach fleets large and small. Our software is designed to lower the administration requirements of managing onboard video recording systems. Seon helps customers achieve operational efficiency and realize a higher return... Read More
  • VMAX D1 By Digital Watchdog

    Advanced H.264 Linux Embedded DVR HEXAPLEX-Live, View, Playback, Backup, Network, Configuration Full HD Output for Playback & Live Display 240fps at D1 for 8CH 480fps at D1 for 16CH HDMI, Composite, & VGA Support Looping Output Zoom-In Live & Playback Multi-Record Scheduling Pre- & Post-Event... Read More
  • VMAX Transporter By Digital Watchdog

    The VMAX Transporter provides the cutting edge of mobile recording solutions for any type of transportation security application. Taken from our already proven VMAX commercial recording series, the VMAX Transporter was built upon industrial specifications that offer the most reliable mobile... Read More
  • VMAX480 By Digital Watchdog

    The VMAX480 Proven Better, Faster, Smarter. More of what you have come to expect from the VMAX family of products. Advanced H.264 Linux Embedded DVR MULTIPLEX-Live, Playback, Recording, Backup, Network, Configuration 120fps at D1, Total 480fps at CIF 8/16 Channel Available HDMI & VGA... Read More
  • VMAXFlex By Digital Watchdog

    The VMAXFlex is a replicate of our Maximum Value, Maximum Performance VMAX480 without the front buttons for a more flexible cost. The VMAXFlex is available in 4,8, and 16 channel configurations with basic storage from 500 gigabytes to 4 terabytes. Advanced H.264 Linux Embedded... Read More
  • Voice & Data Network Maintenance Kit By Primus Cable

    Voice and Data Network Maintenance Kit This tool kit was designed for a wide range of electronic equipment and is very popular with service engineers. This kit will fulfill all your service requirement at an exceptional price. Contains: 256713A Tone Generator and Probe 251450/E... Read More
  • Voice Alert By Cross Point Industries Inc

    "You can't be everywhere at once" but you can with Voice Alert. You record your own voice messages that play back whenever movement is detected by a wireless Voice Alert motion detector. "someone is coming up the driveway", "danger,child by the pool", "intruder in the garage", "someone is in... Read More
  • VoiceCom Medical Alert (PERS) and Other 2-way Monitoring By COPS Monitoring

    VoiceCom is COPS' 2-Way Voice and PERS monitoring service. We've been monitoring 2-way voice systems for over 20 years and PERS (Personal Emergency Response Systems / Medical Alerts Alarms) since their introduction into the market. We understand that your 2-way business and your customers... Read More
  • VOIP-200 & AVM-1 Access Control System By Talkaphone

    Talkaphone’s AVM-1 IP Video Attendant Station, by Grandstream, creates a seamless integration between VOIP-200 Series Compact IP Call Stations and an attendant station. Multiple call stations can be connected to multiple master stations to create a robust access control system. • Unit receives... Read More
  • VOIP-500 Call Station By Talkaphone

    The VOIP-500 is an outdoor-rated, ADA-compliant hands-free Voice over IP (VoIP) Emergency Phone for use in locations such as: parking facilities, college campuses, medical centers, and industrial parks. Features • Unit can be paged remotely by security as part of Talkaphone’s Wide-Area... Read More
  • VPP Phones By Janus Elevator Products

    What do the NYCTA (New York City Transit Authority), BWI Airport parking garages, and Mary Washington College campus have in common? They all hold public safety in their hands and they all rely on VPP (Vandal Proof Products) phones by Janus for the best in reliable vandal proof emergency phone... Read More
  • VR1 By SentryNet, Inc.

    VR1 ( Voice Reponse One ) provides home and business owners with hands-free communication with the central station in the event of an emergency. VR1 also helps us at the central station to verify and reduce false alarms while making communication to the premise much faster. That's because we are... Read More
  • VS 580i By Plustek Technology Inc.

    Ruggedized edge video encoder built for tough environments. VS580i is Plustek’s ONVIF compatible 8-channel video encoder that converts analog CCTV to high quality IP based video for network accessibility. A built-in web based interface is used for easy setup and configuration, designed to... Read More
  • VTC-C770DN By VITEK Industrial Video Products, Inc.

    700TVL True Day and Night (ICR) Camera 1/3" Sony High Density EXVIEW CCD Sony Effio Digital Signal Processor 0.003Lux (F1.2@50IRE) Supports C/CS Mount DC Drive Lenses Supports NTSC & PAL Standards Adaptive Tone Reproduction 2DNR - Two Dimensional Motion Adaptive Noise Reduction Motion... Read More
  • VTC-C770WDR By VITEK Industrial Video Products, Inc.

    WDR True Day and Night (ICR) Camera Pixim D8800C Seawolf Digital Imaging System CMOS 700TVL High Resolution On Screen Display (OSD) Menu 3DNR - Three Dimensional Motion Adaptive Noise Reduction UTC CONTROL - Serial Control over Coax 0.00008 Lux (F1.2@40IRE using sense-up) Supports C/CS... Read More
  • VTC-C770WS By VITEK Industrial Video Products, Inc.

    700 TVL Pixim Powered Ultra Dynamic Range Color CCD Camera Pixim D8800C Seawolf Digital Imaging System 0.00008 Lux (F1.2@40IRE using sense-up) Designed to fit in Pelco DF5 Housing Supports C/CS mount DC Drive Lenses Supports NTSC & PAL Standards On Screen Display (OSD) Menu w/Optional... Read More
  • VTC-HD713A By VITEK Industrial Video Products, Inc.

    1.3 MegaPixel Standard Box Style Camera 1/3" Sony Progressive Scan Exview CCD 30 PPS @ 1280 x 720 or 22.5 PPS @ 1280 x 960) 100% Pure Digital Transmission of video data HD-SDI output via BNC connector Read More
  • VT-EH Series DVRS By VITEK Industrial Video Products, Inc.

    4, 8 and 16 Channel H.264 DVR VITEK EH Series DVR Viewer iPhone App now available in the iTunes Store. 8 Video Inputs with 1 Main, 1 Spot Monitor Output and 1 DVI output. H.264 Compression Supports both Dynamic and Static IP Addresses 8 Alarm Inputs / 1 Relay Out Up to 240 IPS Recording /... Read More
  • VX 540i By Plustek Technology Inc.

    Ruggedized 4ch edge video encoder built for tough environments. VS540i is Plustek’s ONVIF compatible 4-channel video encoder that converts analog CCTV to high quality IP based video for network accessibility. A built-in web based interface is used for easy setup and configuration, designed to... Read More