Products by Murray Associates - Advanced Eavesdropping Detection Audits (TSCM)

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  • Book - "Is My Cell Phone Bugged?"

    Cell phones are great... until someone eavesdrops, harasses, or otherwise compromises your privacy. Wireless mobile communications technology can be intimidating and even a bit spooky. We often hear... "Is my cell phone bugged?" "Can someone..." • eavesdrop on my cell phone calls? •... Read More
  • Business Spies & the Top 10 Spy Busting Tips they don't want you to know.

    Most businesses are easy prey to... • Espionage • Intellectual Property Theft • Eavesdropping & Wiretapping • Hacking • Competitive Surveillance They are some of the top pick pockets in the business; maybe in your business. Business Spies helps you solve these problems. •... Read More
  • Eavesdropping Detection FAQ's

    When private conversations leak via bugs and wiretaps it is embarrassing. It can also be costly and lead to job loss. Don't remain ignorant or naive about electronic eavesdropping. Find out here. Murray Associates has over three decades experience providing privacy for their exclusive client... Read More
  • Eavesdropping Detection Services (TSCM)

    Eavesdropping / optical surveillance detection (TSCM), and counterespionage consulting services for business, government and at-risk individuals. Murray Associates has over three decades experience providing privacy and pro-active security for their client family. The firm is New York area... Read More
  • Kevin's Security Scrapbook (free)

    Since 1998, this is the spot for: eavesdropping news, espionage, wiretapping, bugging, spying trends, TSCM, electronic surveillance, privacy matters, gadgets, laws, tips, FutureWatch predictions and items from Kevin's travels. It's all here. All geared to keep Murray Associates clients and the... Read More
  • Murray's Advanced Eavesdropping Detection Booklet (pdf)

    Read this before you hire anyone to sweep for bugs. A successful TSCM search for electronic eavesdropping devices requires a unique combination of skills, experience, and instrumentation. Hiring the wrong person may render your inspection useless, and possibly kill any chance of success in the... Read More
  • Quit Bugging Me

    If you feel you are being illegally bugged, wiretapped, tracked or spycam'ed, this report is the best first step you can take to solving your concerns. • Learn what to do... and what not to do. • Follow the check-list to solve the problem once and for all. • Avoid the biggest,... Read More
  • Quit Tapping Me

    A guide for the average person who suspects their home telephone has been illegally wiretaped by a spouse, landlord, neighbor or other amateur spy. Graphics illustrate common residential phone wiring scenarios and locations where wiretaps are most often found. Click links to photos of... Read More
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