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  • Asure ID Integrated Photo Badging

    Behind the friendly interface, HID’s Asure ID is a productivity powerhouse with tools and capabilities to support sophisticated ID card applications. Whether you are new to ID badging or a power user, Asure ID helps you design and produce ID cards with unprecedented ease and efficiency. If you... Read More
  • ATM Vestibule Control

    The ATM 5000 Series of card readers are designed as self-contained readers, where the controllers and the readers are all in one unit making installation a simple process. The optional BIN (Bank Identification Number) restriction feature offers increased protection from unauthorized access.... Read More
  • CanProx Branded Thin Proximity Card

    CanProx credentials are available in 125 kHz 26 & 37-bit AWID & HID-compatible formats. Slot punched with Cansec logo (.030" thick). Read More
  • CanProx ISO-Thin Printable Proximity Card

    CanProx credentials are available in 125 kHz 26 & 37-bit AWID & HID-compatible formats. Dye-sub printable (.030" thick). Read More
  • CanProx Key Tag

    CanProx credentials are available in 125 kHz 26 & 37-bit AWID & HID-compatible formats.Attaches to key ring with brass eyelet. Read More
  • CanProx One Proximity Reader

    Cansec's CanProx One Multi-Mount Proximity Reader is the first of its kind to offer the flexibility of both door mullion or wall mounting in a single reader solution as well as supporting both AWID and HID 125 kHz technologies together at the same time. The reader mounts on a standard door... Read More
  • CanProx Stick-On Proximity Patch

    CanProx credentials are available in 125 kHz 26 & 37-bit AWID & HID-compatible formats. Turn any portable item into a CanProx proximity credential with this 1" diameter peel-and-stick disc. Read More
  • H1000 Access Control Panel

    Cansec is pleased to introduce the all-new feature-filled 32-bit H1000 access control panel. This new panel replaces the CP40 panel and brings with it many benefits and improvements. The H1000 is smaller, more powerful, easier to install and replaces a CP40 and 16 points I/O expansion board. In... Read More
  • Hurricane Systems

    Hurricane is a feature-rich, server-based access control and facility monitoring software solution with the power and features necessary to meet the most demanding requirements. A growing suite of add-on software packages allows the system to be customized to accommodate virtually any project... Read More
  • Invisible Proximity Reader

    The perfect solution for entrances where vandal resistance is a high priority or where high profile aesthetics must be preserved. Easily installed in new and existing wood or aluminum entrances. Compatible with all 125 kHz HID and AWID clamshell and Thin Prox cards, as well as Prox Tags. Simple... Read More
  • IP Communications Device

    Cansec's CanLan II TCP/IP Controller is a cost-effective solution that makes it easy to network-enable Cansec's CP40, H1000, SmartLock door controllers and Zodiac Max reader over an existing Ethernet network. The CanLan II solution allows the existing network cable structure to be utilized in... Read More
  • Long Range Receivers & Transmitters

    Long-range access control is granted with Cansec’s wireless RF transmitters. The CanProx Dual Technology RF Transmitter and SmartFob Transmitter with optional proximity coil also double as a short-range credential for HID and AWID 125kHz proximity readers. Read More
  • Medium/Long Range Proximity Reader

    CanProx Long Range Readers (P-710) and (P-900) are high performance design readers.They are classified as medium (P-710) and long (P-900) range readers, and are capable of delivering read ranges of up to 15 inches (381mm) and 20 inches (508mm) respectively. The longer read range of these... Read More
  • Proximity Reader With Keypad

    The P-640 integrates both a proximity reader and keypad into a single unit making it ideal for applications requiring an access credential and/or personal identification number (PIN). It can also be used as a keypad only. Keypad data is transmitted in either Cansec 37-bit or 26-bit Wiegand data... Read More
  • SmartLock Managed Access

    Your customers want the cutting edge simplicity of SmartLock, and they want to leave all the management details up to you. SmartLock® Managed Access software provides recurring revenues and uses the same proven, cost effective controllers as SmartLock Pro and SmartLock Surf. Features and... Read More
  • SmartLock Pro Plus Single Station Access Control System

    SmartLock® Pro Plus is a powerful and intuitive access control solution for up to 120 doors and 4800 users. It includes all the features and functionality required by system administrators, such as the ability to set Access Schedules, Access Profiles, Holidays, and Unlock Schedules. A... Read More
  • SmartLock Surf

    Connect to your SmartLock® Surf system from your PC, tablet or smart phone. Surf software supports 10 concurrent operator connections. Already have SmartLock® Pro? Upgrade your SmartLock® Pro software to Surf and add a whole new level of convenience! Features and Benefits • Cost-effective,... Read More
  • SmartLock UltraLite Plus

    Extremely simple and cost effective, this single door controller supports up to 2,000 users and maintains an audit of the latest 1,000 transactions. All programming is done at the PC using software which is simple, intuitive and supports up to 255 UltraLite™ controllers. User data is loaded... Read More
  • TruckStop Vehicle Systems

    Improve safety and reduce costs associated with operator accidents and abuse. A revolutionary new fleet management system which prevents unauthorized personnel from using lift trucks, service vehicles and other equipment where use must be restricted. TruckStop provides you with a complete audit... Read More
  • USB Communications Device

    The CLAUSB is designed to make serial port expansion quick and simple. It is designed with an external 4-pin DIP switch to set RS-232, RS-422 or RS-485 mode conveniently, without the need to open the metal chassis. Both a 6-pin terminal block and a DB9 male connector are available for optimal... Read More
  • Wireless RS-485 Communications Device

    Introducing a wireless RS-485 communications device that is compatible with most 2-wire RS-485 products on the market. The perfect solution for those installations where wired connections are cost prohibitive. Configured using simple DIP switch settings. Air-485 has a built-in signal strength... Read More
  • Zodiac iCLASS II Fingerprint Verification Reader

    What better way to increase your security than by ensuring that access cards and tags in your system are being used only by the users to which they were assigned? With Zodiac iCLASS II, a user simply presents their 16K bit iCLASS credential to the reader and places their finger on the... Read More
  • Zodiac Link Fingerprint Reader

    Zodiac Link is Cansec’s latest addition to its field-proven line of fingerprint readers. Building on the success of the Zodiac 250, three new features have been added. User capacity is increased from 250 users to 2,000. You can now link up to five readers with all user programming done from a... Read More
  • Zodiac Max Fingerprint Reader

    Greater confidence, convenience and control at the tip of your finger. A high performance biometric fingerprint reader for up to 4,000 users that eliminates the need for traditional credentials. All template managment may be done centrally from the software. Features and Benefits •... Read More
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