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About Noonlight

Noonlight empowers companies that provide safety and security products to their customers to elevate their offerings by adding professional monitoring and emergency response solutions to their product line(s) — including but not limited to SaaS, IoT, security cameras, sensors, and other hardware devices.

Noonlight offers businesses any combination of advanced self monitoring, professional sensor monitoring, on-the-go safety (for lone workers), and professional video monitoring solutions that integrate through a simple API. Noonlight solutions are fully customized to our partners' needs to ensure we deliver incredible partner and end-customer experiences.

Our solutions are known to help companies secure long-term ARPU and ARR increases through in-product upsells and premium subscription tiers, while eliminating over 99% of false alarm dispatches, and providing end-customers faster responses to verified emergencies.

Our solutions:

Professional Video Monitoring

Use video verification to eliminate over 99% of false alarms and unwanted disruptions to your customer's lives — your customers are only contacted when an emergency is verified by a live Noonlight agent.

Professional Sensor Monitoring

Remove the burden of your customers having to monitor their own properties. Door, window, motion sensor, and smoke and CO detectors, water leak detectors, etc. can all be used to “trigger” the appropriate alarm response.

Advanced Self Monitoring

An event is detected when a sensor goes off (i.e. door or window opens, or a carbon monoxide or fire alarm goes off), at which point an API request is sent to Noonlight and your customer(s) are notified.

On-The-Go Safety

Protect your customers when they're on the go for a comprehensive professional monitoring experience they can take wherever they are.

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